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W is for Whale

I do have to say I am excited about week 12-letter W.  There are so many things you can do with water!  Crafts, science, and sensory!

It is already Wednesday and we have only achieved 1 day of preschool due to the weather.  Because school was canceled Doll Dragon went to her moms to spend time with her sister and I had a Visiting Dragon.  I decided to allow Little Dragon and Visiting Dragon play for the day to give them a snow day.
Then we had another snow day.  Regardless, I had full intentions of doing preschool today but Little Dragon did not show up until lunch time.  This put a big hold on our schedule.

Because of the above reasons I am posting about 1 day of lessons and a day activity that we did today.

Our story this week is Jonah and the Whale-perfect for water!
I love this story and the lessons it teaches.
We talked about obedience and trust after the story.  Also God's forgiveness.

Bible Verse:  Our God is slow to anger and full of unfailing love.
                                                                                   -Jonah 4:1

We listened to Who Swallowed Jonah at least 4x.  The dragons loved the song.  I do have to say it was quiet catchy.

Netflix has a Jonah and the Whale movie.  I think it is baby Einstein but me and the dragons enjoyed watching it.  It was very mellow.

Painting with water

  • construction paper
  • water
  • paint brush
Supply the dragons with the supplies and let them explore painting with water.  
I love how simple this craft was. 

The dragons just painted the whole paper with water.  Soaked it with their paint brush.

I encouraged them to paint a picture, such as an ocean, river, some sort of body of water.  After I say this they all tell me that is what they did.  Their whole paper is an ocean of course.  *shakes head*.

All dragons asked for a second piece of paper and went about soaking it again, or making an ocean.

I decided to demonstrate.  Perhaps if they saw a water painting it would encourage them to paint something on their paper instead of painting the paper.

I painted a whale with a stick figure in it's belly.  The dragons liked it but were not interested in trying something similar.

After the water dries it leaves an indent in the paper.  It looked pretty cool.  As if the paper were stamped without ink.  I did not get a picture of it though because it is hard to see on camera.  If you use more water and go over your picture a couple times the indent would be greater and look pretty neat.
When the ocean paintings dried the paper just looked very stiff.

To introduce the letter W I showed the kids a wooden W puzzle piece and Doll Dragon demonstrated the sound.  I asked the dragons to think about words that started with W while I gathered the materials for the above craft.

Once they brainstormed the word water I introduced the craft.

The motion this week is holding up three fingers to look like a W and say 'w-w-water'.

Week 12's number is 7.  I showed the dragons the number 7 flash card and passed it around.  Then each dragon counted 7 animal crackers for their snack.  When they finished their first 7 they counted 7 more.

We also played a game (below) that had 7 rings.

I wanted to do a Valentines craft Monday to kick of the holiday festivities.  I was ready to sit the kids down and make nice decorations for the windows.
They were not.
The dragons were so full of energy that I had to change our plan.

I pulled out some rings the kids made last year for ring toss game and a random paper heart I found in my scrap paper and taped them to the floor.  I then taped a partially finished Valentines craft I was working on to the floor for the throwing line.

The rules:
Throw the bean bag into a ring or on the heart.  There were 7 targets.
Jerry and I incorporated a point system more for our entertainment then the kids.

I gave Doll Dragon (the first up) 4 bean bags and the game began.

The dragons also went fishing! 

Of course we talked about water while playing.  We also briefly talked about fish starting with the last weeks letter F.
The fish have numbers on 1 side and sight words on the other.  Once the child catches a fish they must identify the number and/or read the word to keep the fish.  The child with the most fish wins.  I don't usually focus on a winner.  We play until the kids get bored.

Dramatic Play

I set up this bakery shop for a winter/Valentines activity. 
I borrowed a heart cookie cutter from a friend and added a snowman and snowflake cookie cutter too.  This was very last minute but the kids loved it.
I added an star ice cube tray, tongs, aprons, cookie sheet, playdough, and some old Scentsy  bars to the table.
There are so many pretend ways to play with the Scentsy cubes.  The boys put them on top of the playdough as big sprinkles and pizza toppings.  I thought they made great pretend fudge.  They still have a little scent and added an additional sensory experience.

This was entertaining for the boys for a couple hours.  They made cookies for each other to buy and ice cream with the play dough kit.

Daddy Folder
This was a simple folder.  Inside was a piece of construction paper, a print out of Sonic and Tails, scissors, and a marker.  It took a couple minutes to cut out the cards and draw the Tic-Tac-Toe board then it was time to play.

This was a fun folder to watch.  Jerry commented that it was is favorite.

I am on to find more games to make for the Daddy Folders.


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