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F is for Fire

This week is coming to a close and Little Dragon still hasn't caught on to the letter F.  
Before the holidays I thought I may need to extend the lessons for an additional week because Little Dragon is having a hard time retaining the information.  I am positive now that a week is not enough time for him.  
I extended the letter K for two weeks and by the end of the second week he got it, but now he keeps saying K instead of F.  Perhaps I need to find a new way to transition.
My lesson plan is planned for only a week and I don't know how to extend it yet.  He is 3 and maybe it is not necessary.  He doesn't need to have it memorized right now.
Doll Dragon is only here for 2 days of our preschool and extending to two weeks will give her 4 days of the letter.  She already knows all of her letters but she enjoys being part of the activities and she is still exploring. :)

If you are following the Gods Little Explorers lesson plan from motherhoodonadime we are no longer on the same week.
Because of difficulties with our blended families, court, extending some lessons for more understanding, and holiday schedules I am behind.  I am on week 11, the lesson plan is on week 16.  I am 5 weeks behind.

Week 11 we started F is for Fire. 

The story we are focusing on is Shadrach, Meshach, and Abadango and the burning fiery furnace.  We read the story every day and Tuesday I found a video.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abadango

We also listen to "Give Me Oil In My Lamp" after our story every day.
Our bible verse is : Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace
                                                              -Daniel 3:17

On Monday we did a fire science experiment that the kids really enjoyed. During the experiment we talked to the kids about the bible story.  Talked about why it was a big deal that they walked out of the fire, what happens when you touch fire, and the men in the story were saved from the flames because they trusted God.
More about that experiment below.

Monday was a holiday so I had additional kids.  This is always fun because the energy at home is more.  Even though it was a holiday I still did preschool because it is good for the younger kids to see and learn from the older children.
 We played a simple letter review game using the alphabet wall. 

I asked the older girls to point to a letter and tell me a word that started with that letter.

The boys I asked them to point to the letters and tell me the sound.

We whipped out the new folders for week 11 and inside the dragons found many letter F activities.

 I to give the dragons choice with their folders.  When they first pull them out of the pocket they get to explore each page.   Then I ask them to pick 2-3 pages (depending on difficulty) to complete.  It is important to my kids to have a say in what they are doing.  Sometimes they also like to do something different then their sibling.

Pencil toppers were made on Monday along with a video.

Wednesday Little Dragon and I played a letter review game again.  We played on the white board this time. 

 I wrote the letters and he would erase the letter that I named. 
He enjoyed playing this way more then pointing to the letters on the alphabet wall.  We took turns playing.  I would call out the letters then he called out the letters and I erased.  Little Dragon likes pretending to be teacher. 

Number Craft
The first number 6 activity we did this week was make fire on the number 6.  
Fire number 6
  • red and orange construction paper
  • glue stick
  • number 6 written on paper or printed

Little Dragon ripped all the paper first.
Then we scrunched the paper up into small balls.  Next Little Dragon would pick a small area of the number 6 to spread some glue.  We stuck the paper or smashed the paper onto the glue spots. 

On the white board I set up a fire house.  It has 6 windows and the number 676 on the front.  There are small papers that can fit into the window pockets to make the house look like it is on fire.
I will have this up all week for the kids to play with.  There is also a ladder and a guy they can pretend is a fire man.

Fire Science
With so much talk about fire we had to light one.  Before we did though we talked about fire safety.

  • We discussed our family fire escape route and meeting place if there ever where a fire.  
  • Call 911
  • Don't look for your toys, just get out
  • Crawl
  • Stop, drop, and roll should fire get on you
We practiced stop, drop, and rolling and our fire escape route a couple times then we moved on to talk about fire and oxygen. 

Jerry lead the experiment, as usual.  This is his contribution to preschool. (I think it is cute watching him teach the kids science.)  He is very particular and full of information.  Telling the kids "fire needs air to keep burning"  he talks about oxygen, the properties of fire, why fire burns oxygen, why we need oxygen-to tie in why it is dangerous for you to be in a fire, and so on if you get my drift.  The kids sit and listen attentively.  I think it is just adorable! 

Anyway-the experiment. 
Jerry lit a candle.  We watched the flame for awhile.  He made it dance with hand movements.  Then he capped it and we watched as the flame got smaller and snuffed out with a small little *puff*.

File Folder-Books Alive
My mom bought me a disk that included materials for me to create a file folder for The Kissing Hand.   I checked the book out at the library and read it to the kids before introducing the file folder.  This also doubles as books alive because my dragons can use the photos to make the book more real to them or imagine a whole new story.

The Kissing Hand
Inside the folder is: a matching game, pattern template, a print out of every character, clothespin question cards, and alphabet flash cards.

I glued felt to the back of every picture so the kids could retell the story how they wanted to after we read the book.

There are many more pictures than you can see in the photo.  They won't all fit on the felt board.

We played with these during circle time for awhile.  The dragons enjoyed taking turns talking about each character and remembering things in the story.

Little Dragon gave Doll Dragon a kissing hand for her to keep with her all day :)


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