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K is for King

Getting back on schedule after the break has been difficult. School was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday  the house was full of small dragons running around.

I learned during the Christmas break that I need allow more time for play and more time for mom.  I have been so obssessed with preschool that I haven't kept up the house as well as I should.  Some of this has to do with the lack of a schedule.  No matter what I do I cannot get Little Dragons dad to agree on a schedule.  Doll Dragons schedule also changes frequently.  Because of these reasons I cannot set aside the morning or afternoon for preschool.  Sometimes Little Dragon doesn't arrive until 12:30 or 1.  We have lunch then nap time.  It is hard to work with no schedule.

This week we have completed 2 days of preschool.  Jerry and I had an important appointment regarding Doll Dragon that put preschool off for the day.  I will be definitely be carrying this week into next.

With king as our topic the kids did have to play royalty. 

Bible verse this week is "The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord is enthroned as King forever" -Psalm 29:10

K is for King David and Solomon.  First we read both short stories about the kings.  What was important about them.  Nothing extensive more of an introduction.

Next we talked more in depth about King David, why he was king and why God choose David.  We also touched on God being our King.

Today I read psalms to Little Dragon as he looked at the pictures of King David in the Bible.  We sang praise to the Lord and made up our own songs.  This was a lot of fun.

Each day we listened to worship music including Rejoice in the Lord Always.

Monday's it is usually just me and the two younger boys.  Because I had the 3 older kids this week we did things a bit differently.  I gave each child a tablet and a pencil.

Together we brainstormed words that started with the letter K.  A lot of C words came up.  I didn't know how to explain why it is a K vs C so I simply encouraged them to keep giving me words.   I had them copy the words down in their notepads and draw a picture of each word.  The 3 year olds just practiced writing the letter K in their notebooks.

 Together we made flashcards for the number 5.  This was the first time Doll Dragon has made a flashcard.  She was very excited.

Doll Dragon drew 5 smiley faces on her flashcard.

Little Dragon drew 5 fish.

We use the flashcards to review our numbers. We have store bought number flashcards but there is something about these that the kids love!

Because of the break our calendar was behind.  This morning we used it for number identification.

Spiderman Crown

  • Felt blue, red, and black
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

Little Dragon needed a crown to be king for the day.  He requested a spider man crown.

 I used one of Doll Dragons crowns as a pattern.  I cut the two pieces of felt out and sewed them together.  Jerry cut out the spider and I sewed it on.

I used a hole punch on each side and tied some yarn in the holes.  You could use elastic and sew it between or on the back of the felt pieces.

Mufasa Painting

  • Picture of Mufasa
  • Water colors
Print a picture of Mufasa and provide the paint.  The little one will do the rest. 

We watched The Lion King earlier in the week and this activity was a great addition to the movie.  We talked about kings and kingdoms while he was painting.

Cooperative Castle Drawing

  • Large paper
  • Easel
  • A group of kids
  • Markers
All the items were ready when I called the kids up for the activity.  I started by asking questions 
What is a king?
Where do kings live?
What do they do?
After the questions the kids took turns drawing parts of the castle.  They drew the towers, the stone detail, a drawbridge, a mote, princesses in the windows, bears and dragons attacking the castle, pirates in the mote, and a pet snake for the king.
It was a good group project.  None of the kids were upset about what someone else added. We worked on the drawing for a good 45 minutes.  

Field Trip
We also took a field trip to Jerry's office and met Kelly and Katie.  On the drive Little Dragon focused on recognizing the letter K on signs.
Little Dragon played with a kitty app during the field trip too.  It was full of K's.

Next week I will post about more letter k activities.


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