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Kings Play

Sensory Play

I had kitchen sensory bin written in my lesson plan but I could not remember what I had in mind when I wrote it.  I didn't write down any clues or tags to jog my memory.  The kids have a toy kitchen in the playroom but they tend to enjoy playing with real kitchen utensils more.  

I put some spices in the bin along with some measuring cups filled with some leftover baking supplies,  walnuts and butterscotch chips.  I also added potatoes.  They don't make a mess and won't spoil or bruise easily.  Of course there were also pans, spoons, plates, and bowls.  

Creative Play

Together Little Dragon and I built a Lego Castle.  Little Dragon lay down his blanket for the moat.  He also built two Lego boats for the moat. He also built chairs for our Lego people to sit it. 
We worked on number recognition with the number Legos.  Once the castle was finished we played pretend with the people. 

Dramatic Play

Jerry and I made a castle for the kids to play in.  We used two tall water heater boxes for the towers and cut another tall box in half and then cut doors out of the.  We duck taped the doors to the towers.  Jerry cut some holes in the tower boxes for windows and a door so the kids could go in the tower.  Lastly we draped a blanket over the top.  

We put it downstairs in the playroom, where I try and setup all dramatic play, so there was plenty of play space. 

The kids played princes and princess for awhile until Jerry went down stairs and played the giant.  All of the kids (and me) hid inside the castle.  He would call out a name and that person came out of the castle and ran around it and had to get back inside before the giant caught them. This game went on for a couple hours. A nice workout for the adults and a great energy drain for the kids. 

Daddy Folder

The daddy folder this week went well with this weeks letter, the letter K.  I don't plan the daddy folders to correlate with our letter of the week but it fit well. :).

This daddy folder activity was very interactive.  Both Daddy and Doll Dragon could do each step together. 

I found the instructions online months ago but I am not sure where I found them.

It may be called science but the kids played to discover. 
We talked about kinetic energy for our science activity.  The energy of motion.  Of course when you talk about kinetic energy you also have to talk about potential energy.  Energy stored.  Jerry conducted the science lesson.  He demonstrated the difference between kinetic and potential energy.  

Then we asked the kids to demonstrate each energy type which they did with a car.  Then each dragon placed their car on the top of the ramp and guessed which one would win a race to the bottom.  They each picked their own car, no surprise there :).  

We could have went into more detail about why the smaller race car won over the truck but the kids would not have the attention span for that.  They understood and could demonstrate the energy types and that was what we wanted them to come away with. 
I found the idea for this science experiment on Inspiration Laboratories. 

This post concludes all of our letter K activities.  That I can remember at least.  By the time I am able to post I forget some of our activities.  I am very structured and my kids need structure with their boundless energy and difficult emotions having two homes.  Here at the Big Energy Little Learners home we rarely have the TV on unless it is family movie time and I do not get into my media until the kids are in bed.  
I am trying to give myself me time during the day and the kids more unstructured play.  This is a struggle for me but the kids are enjoying interacting with each other and using their imaginations. 


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