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Leaving L (wrap up week 17)

The second half of the week was difficult.  I had a hard time engaging the kids in any activity.  Both Dragons were full of energy.  I think being cooped up because of the weather was getting to them.
After the seek-n-find activity we did earlier in the week we taped the verse to the window to remind us to love as Jesus did.

Little Dragon retold the story of the Good Samaratian on the white board.

The second half of the week Little Dragon colored his yellow page for is dinosaur color book.  Both Dragons added an Amarillo ice cream scoop to their Spanish ice cream cones.

The Dragons used yellow paper to make a letter activity. 

We had a yellow lunch too!

Jerry has been home more since he was laid off so he helped in preschool.  He came up with a sentence activity with the letter L.  It was good reading practice for Doll Dragon and letter recognition for Little Dragon.  

The Dragons used yellow crayons to write L's in their Alphabet Notebooks. 
The Dragons made the letter L with stickers.  Little Dragon glued on some pictures of L things. 

I was feeling sick so The Dragons did some of their Weekly Folder work on my bed. 

Kissing Hand
 As I mentioned in my last post we  have been doing some Kissing Hand activities.  The story fits nicely with our love theme.

I liked the variety of activities for this book.  There were options for coloring or drawing your own version of the book.  There were also story changing pages where The Dragons could draw themselves in the story.

The Dragons made their own Kissing Hand books.  Once they were finished they made Chester masks to play with! 

I mentioned before that The Dragons had been playing in the yellow sensory bin a lot so I did not set up the planned bin.  Late in the week though Doll Dragon really wanted to use here hands to crinkle, tear, or break something.  She was picking up objects asking if she could break/snap them.  I know this is a learning thing for her, she is very curious, she needs to discover and feel things.  I grabbed some spaghetti noodles from the pantry (they are so cheap anyway) and told her she could break them in the sensory bin if she helped me clean it out.  Of course she cleaned up with a great attitude and quickly.  

Then the breaking started! 

 When the noodles were small enough Doll Dragon asked if she could add cotton balls.  I keep these close at hand so in they went.  Little Dragon was interested in the bin after the cotton balls were added.  He grabbed his super heroes and Doll Dragon grabbed some barbies and pony's.
Let playtime begin...and last...all day.


  1. I love your breaking bin! Very open-ended and lots of room for exploration and learning :)


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