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Hopping on (Week 16 wrap up)

The end of the week the story of Jesus feeding 5000 was well known to the kids.  Both Dragons also had their bible verse memorized mid week.

To conclude this week of 'hungry' we did a bible verse craft (below) and had 1 last picnic. 

There were not as many animals this time but the Dragons enjoyed each others company and the banana bread.  :)

Bread and fish basket

  • brown construction paper (2 shades)
  • another piece of construction paper (kids choice)
  • glue stick
  • stickers
  • markers
  • pencil
Step 1: I cut out basket shapes out of brown construction paper.
Step 2: While the kids decorate their baskets with stickers and markers cut out bread shapes out of the other shade of brown construction paper. 

Step 3: Each dragon chose what color they wanted their fish to be.  Step by step the dragons drew their own fish copying off the board. 

Step 4: Cut out the fish and glue them and the bread pieces to the decorated baskets. 

Step 5: Write out the bible verse as the kids relay it to you. (Great for memorization.) 

Healthy food printing/painting
  • variety of fruits and vegetables
  • paint
  • big pieces of paper
  • kabob sticks

Step 1: Cut all fruit and vegetables in half or into the size you want for the printing/painting. 

Step 2: pick your paint colors

Step 3: Paint or print using the healthy foods.  I encouraged the kids to do more of a printing so we could see and recognize the different healthy foods.  Some of the kids enjoyed stamping while others used the foods to smear the paint on the paper. 

Ziggy Puppet

  • Craft stick
  • zebra print out
  • crayons/markers
With all of the love for Ziggy The Dragons had to make their own Ziggy puppet.  They were very excited to make a replica.  I printed an extra page of Ziggy doing different things.  Little Dragon wanted a Ziggy who was holding a bunch of hot cakes.  Doll Dragon wanted a Ziggy just like mine, but a girl, so I drew here a matching Ziggy.  When they finished decorating them as they liked they glued them onto a craft stick.  Bam! Puppet in 10 minutes. 

To end the week the dragons used their orange menus for dramatic play.  Little Dragon colored a page for his number/color dinosaur book. 

 Because both of my dragons know their colors well I decided to introduce the Spanish names for the colors.  We will be making giant ice cream cones of colors as the weeks pass.  Each week we will add another scoop. 

Dramatic Play
I was excited to set up the restaurant dramatic play.  I knew the kids would really enjoy it.  The restaurant is easy enough to play and needs little set up.  The first time I set it up I put a bit more into it because it went with the theme of the week.  But since then the Dragons have kept the menu's and order pads handy to take our orders whenever it suits their fancy. 

I set up our coffee table with a candle in the middle and two chairs.
The dragons all dressed in aprons and had their own order pad and pencil.
To the side I used the small desks to set up a bin of food.  There were cookie sheets, bowls, spatulas, and spoons. Here they did there cooking and washing dishes.

We have played restaurant before but this was the first time I introduced menu's.  The Dragons were thrilled to have the extra handheld item for the dramatic play. :)

Healthy Food

In addition to hungry we talked about healthy food choices.  To help understanding I had my dragons sort some food printouts into healthy and unhealthy food piles.  Ziggy showed up to help with this activity. 

Ziggy also talked with the kids about kitchen clean up he told the kids about the silly word game he plays as he cleans.  We joined in the game as we cleaned up.

To play you say words that rhyme with what you are cleaning up but you try to say silly nonexistent rhyming words.  This really helped making clean up fun.

As mentioned above The Dragons explored/discovered fruits and vegetables.  They know how fruits and veggies taste and look but what do they look like on the inside?  How do they smell?  How do they feel?
These are the questions I asked as they discovered the healthy foods.
The foods were:

  • potato
  • broccoli
  • apple
  • pear
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • green pepper
After they examined each food in the bowl they were ready to paint! 

The apples and pears worked like a suction cup and stuck to the paper.  This made getting a print difficult.  So I grabbed some ka-bob sticks and stuck them in the fruit to help with the stamping.  This worked great! 

After the discover each child kind of stuck to 1-3 foods to paint with.  Little Dragon did not paint with anything but broccoli.  Doll Dragon enjoyed the apples and pears.  She tried her hand at broccoli but she was a bit rough with it and it broke apart on her paper.  Visitor Dragon painted with the most variety.  He tried out the apple, pear, broccoli, and cucumber.  The potato, celery, and green pepper were untouched by paint.


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