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St. Patty's Party

Last year for St. Patrick's day we had a little party.  While going through my pictures awhile back the kids asked if we could have another St. Patty's day party.
I was unable to have a Valentines party and find St. Patrick's day the perfect excuse for a fun filled day!

I researched this holiday a little last year but really took the time to learn about St. Patrick this year.
Next year I want to look into where the idea of Leprechauns on St. Patrick's day comes from.

For a couple days before the holiday I took during our lessons to talk about the upcoming day.  I did not want the kids being confused about why we celebrate or to get lost in the excitement of Leprechauns to forget why we remember St. Patrick.

The story of St. Patrick is a great story!  I was so excited to learn that St. Patrick's day is a christian holiday.

St. Patrick's day is celebrated in remembrance of St. Patrick who died on March 17.  Traditionally people wear green, the color of Ireland, because that is where St. Patrick did his mission work.   St. Patrick went to Ireland to teach the people there of God.  He taught them using a 3 leaf clover to demonstrate the father, the son, and the holy spirit as one but also separate.

We went over this in preschool and made 3 leaf clover necklaces. 

The dragons wore their necklaces all day to keep their thoughts on God.

We did talk a bit about Leprechauns and luck. Jerry and I thought it was important to educate the kids on others beliefs as well as our own so there would be no surprises later.

We discussed what luck is and what a blessing is.  I do not believe in luck, I believe in blessings and want my children to give credit where credit is due.

While we talked of Leprechauns of course rainbows come into the conversation.  We reviewed the story of Noah and the rainbow being God's promise to his people.   We did a short felt board rainbow activity too.

Being christian I still love the magic of pretend.  We told the kids that leprechauns are not real but we can pretend there are sneaky leprechauns around for the holiday.  Of course these sneaky leprechauns left a small green gift for each Dragon while they were sleeping.

There were some breakfast surprises too. 

I bought pop tarts for the first time since I have been a mom.  It was a bit of a self battle to buy them but I knew the kids would be super stoked to have them.  Which they were.  Although they were not allowed to eat them until they ate some of their green porridge.  The leprechaun left some magic in each three clover cup that turned all the Dragons milk green.

With all the energy from the extra breakfast sugar I had to keep the kids moving in a structured way.  I had them stand (not sit) around our coffee table.  Jerry was home so I asked him to lead this activity.  I gave him the shaving cream, food coloring, and sprinkles. He looked at me for a minute and asked what I wanted him to do.  I said do whatever you want.  It is open and free.  He asked how to spray the shaving cream.  I said however you want.  He thought about his for a moment then made a shaving cream cake.   He was the first to put his hand in. :)

While Jerry was constructing the shaving cream cake I asked the kids the different properties of the shaving cream.
How does it smell?
How does it look?
What do you think it will feel like?

Then they touched it.
These are their first reactions. 

Priceless :)

  I set out paper for the dragons to use to make art. 

After awhile they asked for cars.  They washed their cars with the shaving cream.

This activity lasted until the shaving cream was just about gone and pretty much liquid. 

The energy of the Dragons wasn't much diminished after clean up so we went strait on to the next activity.  
Doll Dragon as having a difficult time keeping to herself so I had her be my special helper.  She taped all the clovers to the floor wherever she wanted.  

Musical Shamrocks

Once they were placed I had each Dragon place a foot on a clover then I started some music.  They had to continue moving until the music stopped.  When the music stopped they had to have their foot on a clover.  Pretty much musical chairs, but there were more clovers then dragons which added to the scrambling because they didn't know which clover to choose.  

To make the game more exciting we had the Dragons walk backwards, crawl, move really slowly, move quickly, and hop.

When I was out of ideas for new movements on musical shamrocks Jerry started a game
Lucky Leprechaun says
We had 3 different shamrocks; light green, dark green, and glitter.  Jerry gave them a movement for each color.
Light green was jump up and put your arms in the air.
Dark green was jump then place hands on the floor.
Glitter was turning 3x.

When Jerry held up a color they did the motion.

This was a fun game!  There were a ton of giggles :)

After Lucky Leprechaun says the Dragons energy was dwindling.  I put Visitor Dragon down for his nap and me and my Dragons did some reading.  Little Dragon read first then fell asleep while Doll Dragon was reading.  

We ended up having a great St. Patrick's day while keeping our focus on God!


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