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Movement and Science

Here a couple activities we did during this week to get moving, some science, and a daddy folder.

Bubble Wrap Stomp
A sensory experience for feet and fingers. 
I was so excited for this activity! I spread out some bubble wrap and tapped it to the floor.  Then had the kids line up to run across it hearing the bubbles popping under their feet.  
This didn't happen :(. 
Perhaps it was because the bubble wrap was from the dollar store but there was no popping.  
So I told the kids to jump on it, which they did without hesitation. 
Still no popping....what?
I split the bubble up and gave each child (and parent) a piece to pop with their fingers. 
Still no popping! 
We tried rolling it up and twisting it and we got a few pops but not much. 
All in all the kids had a blast jumping and squeezing the bubble wrap.  And the few pops we did get were very exciting.  If I ever want to mail something fragile I know where to get indestructible bubble wrap. 

Daddy Folder

Monster truck graphing race
This folder was right up the boy alley.  There was little set up/craft time so the boys got to spend a good amount of time playing.  They made a monster truck spinner and would graph their results on the monster truck page.  They made a game out of it by each picking a monster truck to win.  The truck that got to 10 first was the winner.
This was a wonderful graphing game and bonding time for the boys.

Miss Nina Dancing

Miss Nina has become a new favorite in preschool.  She is great at being silly and getting the kids moving.  Plus Little Dragon has a crush on her and is always happy for her to visit our TV.

Exploring Rulers
For preschool this year both dragons got a ruler.  We use them as pointers but not much else.  Then I saw a challenge from Inspiration Laboratories  to have fun with rulers.  
I plan on more exploring with the rulers but for now each dragon did their own exploring.  
Little Dragon is learning the concept of length.  To encourage more understanding he used a ruler to help him discover which shapes were long vs. which shapes were short.  He was thrilled to see the ruler at work! 

Doll Dragon had a bit more of a free form exploring.  She can tell which is longer/shorter by sight.  We have worked on this concept more as she is older.  While she was playing with play dough I pulled out her ruler.  She was excited to get a chance to use it.  She measured everything.  After awhile I demonstrated how to measure something then had her try.  She challenged herself to make something that measured to 4 inches and something that measured to 2 inches.  She enjoyed this and discovered different ways (other then simply pulling) to lengthen the play dough as well. 


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Teeth Craft

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paper template of a carnivore and herbivore (I drew a hippo and t-rex head outline) page of teethscissorsgluemarkers

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I squirted each 'player' with their color first.  So they knew their color and to demonstrate where to aim. 

Talking about the aim was very important.  All of the kids involved were 4 and above.  Aim had to be in the tummy or the back.  No faces, bottoms, heads/hair, or legs. We didn't want paint in eyes, noses, or mouths. The other places would be more difficult to clean and giving two aiming places was simple.����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������…

Elephant Faces

Elephant Faces (masks)
We used: 

Three paper platesPaint or markersPaint brushesStaplerScissorsYarnFirst paint the bottom of the paper plate.  While the kids painted I cut the other paper plate in half for the ears. Using the third plate I cut out the textured part of the plate to make the trunks.  
Paint (or color) the rest of the pieces. 
Staple them together to make an elephant.
Cut out small holes for eyes and small holes behind the ears to attach the yarn.

Now that the lesson is over I have the masks hanging in the playroom.  They make a neat decoration.