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Wrap up for week 5

When we were finishing the letter t we were also starting our Halloween crafts.   I am posting this well after Halloween but as we all know life happens.  We had a 2 birthdays, a week visit from out of town family, and other personal stress.  I am glad to see that it is coming to a close and I am finding time again to blog.  I have a ton of catching up to do.  I may have stopped blogging but preschool continued.

We have been keeping busy with preschool work but unfortunately due to sharing a phone for a period of time I am short on pictures.  I use pictures to help me remember all the things we did in preschool.  Because of the lack of pictures there may be some things I forget.  

Starry Night
  • Star prints (you can find here.)
  • 2 Popsicle sticks or small craft sticks
  • Cardstock
Little Dragon glued on the sticks and cut the line in the paper for the tent opening.  Inside the tent is the letter t Little Dragon wrote on his own with marker.  It is hard to see.  
While we did this lesson we talked about Abraham following and trusting in God and moving his tent where he was told.

Hanging Pumpkin
My mom sent a wooden pumpkin to me and Little Dragon so we could do a Halloween craft together.

  • Wooden craft pumpkin
  • Orange, green, and glow in the dark paint
  • Green glitter
  • Ribbon
We painted the pumpkin orange and the stem and leaf green.  We painted the eyes nose and mouth with glow in the dark paint.  We added green glitter to the leaf and stem to add a little shine.  When the paint was dry I strung a ribbon around the metal used to hang the pumpkin.  TaDa! 
Little Dragon wanted to put it on the door knob.  So that is where it hangs for Halloween. 


Little Dragon worked on recognizing the letter t in his letter t folder. 

We finished up letter t by gluing pipe cleaners to our print out.

Books Alive
 Three Little Pigs
We talked about the story of the three little pigs a couple times earlier in the week.  When I checked the library for a book they were out so I told the story without pictures.  I found these sequence cards on and we worked together making up stories and then putting them in the correct order.

To close our week Little Dragon played in a fall sensory bin.  It was the beginning of the season and I honestly didn't have anything prepared that had to do with tents or the letter t.  I gave him a bobble head bat and mummy to play with in the bin.  I also set green floral foam next to the bin in case he wanted to be creative with that too.


  1. I especially love your sensory bin! It looks so inviting to play with! :)

    1. Thank you :) He mostly hid 1 of his action figures then would rescue it with the other figure. You never know how kids will create a way to play with a sensory bin. I always enjoy observing though. Thank you for the comment. :D


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