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Q Is For Quail

We worked on q for a couple weeks.  Little Dragon was not quite getting the letter so we took an extra week.  I also got sick so keeping to schedule was difficult.

We had a few stories to get through this week because the following lesson week we are focusing on David and Goliath.

Q comes from the quail God provided during the Israelite's time in the wilderness.

Our verse this week "My God will take care of all your needs." -Philippians 4:19

We also read about parting the Red Sea, the ten commandments, and Ruth and Naomi.

There wasn't much to do with the white board for these stories. We did talk about the things God has provided for us, our blessings.  We also talked about the commandments.  There wasn't as much discussion on this, Little Dragon is only 3 and is still learning to listen to our rules I didn't want to overdue it adding all commandments.  There were a couple things that he could understand such as 'obey your parents' and 'you shall not kill.'
Little Dragon likes to play with guns.  Along with guns comes shooting people.  We allow guns but do not allow him to shoot at people.  This is why I talked about the "You shall not kill' with him so he has a better understanding of why we have that rule.

After talking about the Red Sea I gave the boys a bin of water.  I asked them if they could part the water.  They tried for awhile as we talked about how Moses didn't part the water, God did.

Then they asked for toys and played in the water.

Quail Drawing

  • paper
  • pencil
Together we drew a quail piece by piece.  It is not very detailed but it was our first time drawing together. 

Homemade Beads

  •  1/2 cups flour
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • Water
  • straw
Mix dry.  Add water slowly.  You want the mixture to be like dough, not runny.  
After it is all mixed shape the beads.  Then poke a hole through the 'bead' with a straw.  Leave out to dry for 48 hours. 

As we mixed together the ingredients we talked about how God provided mana and how Ruth and Naomi shared what little they had to make bread.  

After the beads were dry we painted them and discussed what a good friend is.  
We used the beads to make a friendship necklaces. 

Bird Feeder
  • bird seed
  • peanut butter
  • pine cones
  • yarn
  • paper plate
First we picked out pine cones.  Next Little Dragon helped me pour some bird seed onto a paper plate.  Little dragon investigated the pine cones and the bird seed while I tied yard onto whichever pine cone he wasn't looking at and gathered the supplies. 
Little Dragon then spread peanut butter on the pine cones and rolled them in the seed. 
Lastly we brought them outside to hang them up.  It started to rain as we were hanging them up so we rushed a little bit.  I wanted us to watch the birds eat from our feeders but it rained for 3 days, with strong winds.  Little Dragon checked each day to see if the feeders were still there.  The first day they made it through the storm but the second day they were gone.  

Marshmallow Bird
  • Jumbo marshmallow
  • 2 triangle cheese crackers
  • candy corn
  • 2 pretzel sticks
  • sharpie
Draw eyes on the marshmallows.  Stick in the candy corn for the beak, the triangle crackers for wings, insert the pretzel sticks for feet.  Ta-Da a marshmallow bird. 

We practiced being quiet as a circle time activity whispering about quiet starting with q.  
Our motion this week was flapping our arms like a bird and saying "q-q-Q".

Little Dragon painted his letter q with a q-tip.
When we practiced handwriting we would say circle, line down, and hook.  When I ask Little Dragon to write a q he will repeat the instruction to get it right.

Little Dragon made a letter q pencil topper and added a quail to the treasure map.

He colored a queen print out.
Played a matching game with the letters we have learned.  Uppercase/Lowercase matching.

He glued feathers to the number 3.

He made a number 3 flash card. 

We practiced recognizing numbers 1-3

Sensory Bin
There are not many things you can do in the late fall with a medium size bag of bird seed.  Therefore, I poured the remaining into our sensory bin for play.  
Little Dragon was thrilled to play with it.  First thing he asked was "can I put my cars in it?"  

The bin is for play so of course that is what he did. 

When Monday rolled around again Little Dragon wanted to share the sensory bin with his buddy.  They played with cars for a short while then were trying to scoop the bird seed with their hands.  I gave them measuring cups and spoons and the play continued for days.  I still have it in the bin for play.

In Little Dragons week 8 folder there was a size activity.  He cut out 3 different sizes of birds large, medium, and small.  After cutting them out  himself he sorted them according to size. 

It is late fall so bird watching wasn't much of an option.  I did look into places to watch birds but the only place there was to see birds this time of year was an hour and a half away.  
Busy bags this week were matching mamma to baby puzzle
Magnetic matching numbers

 This is the new calendar for November Little Dragon started.  It involves number tracing and patterns.


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