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R Is For Rocks

I feel like my blog posts have been very long of late.  I have been trying to play catch up and it is easier to write a whole week at once.  This time I am going to attempt to split up the week so I will have 2 posts about the letter r.  Monday I should be back to my regular schedule with my blog and posting twice a week again.

That is what I am hoping for anyway.

David and Goliath was our story this week.  R is for the rock that David throws at Goliath.
The kids had a lot of fun with this story.  There were a lot of activities to do and most of them were interactive.  I was also feeling better this week and had the energy to set up more activities.

The first day I read the story to the boys from the Bible.
After the story each boy drew a Goliath face on a paper plate.  We took out the tape measure and measured 9 ft from the wall and taped the face there.  (I was going to tape the plate on the wall so the boys could have a better visual but my ceilings were not high enough.)

I lay down next to the tape measure and explained that Goliath was tall then me.  Then Isaiah tried.

Then Little Dragon too.  Even with both of them they were not as tall as Goliath.

Next I gave the boys marshmallows to throw at the Goliath face.  I had them stand at the 'feet' of Goliath and throw the Marshmallows.  They both hit his head at least once.

The second day we used the white board to retell the story.

The third day I told the story while Little Dragon took control of the white board.

 The week 9 folder was full of fun activities.  There was letter matching (Uppercase/lowercase) for Little Dragon and rhyming for Doll Dragon.  Each had a robot to color and some handwriting practice.  There was also a maze completed by finding the letter r.

I used flashcards on the white board to introduce the letter r on Monday.  We also looked at a new road sign that has the letter R on it. We practiced writing words that begin with the letter r.

This week is also the number 4.  
Little Dragon made his own number four flash card and glued 4 rocks onto the number four paper.

Daddy Folder
This weeks daddy folder was used to accent our busy bags or stations.  I set up the train station or railroad for play this week.  On there are many different paper town options you can print and build.  This is where I found this weeks daddy folder.
Together they cut out the Central Station.  Little Dragon is giving some direction. 

Happy Little Dragon playing Rail Road.  This paper set also included standard rail road signs and a roof for the station that is not in the picture.  We played with it together for a good 30-45 minutes.  

You can also add rocks to the rail road station to incorporate the theme of the week.  I would have done that if I had thought about it before just now.  *shakes head* silly me.  
Regardless he had a blast!

Busy Bags
Magnet matching colors, shapes and numbers.

There was also a simple number match that we had out last week.

Reading.  We made it to the library after almost a month.  The kids loved having new books to read.

Science is one of my favorite topics even though I rarely have time to do it.  I try to do science at least once a week.  I know through out the week we do science through discovery and exploring things.  It isn't thought about as science as much as seeing the way things react with each other.  This is the most recognizable science, the type I try to do weekly.  An experiment.

Good news is while I was at the dollar store early in the week looking for rocks for our projects I found this wonderful crystal growing project.  For a buck.  That's right 1 dollar.  And you grew the crystals on ROCKS!  How perfect for this week.  I picked up two and headed home.

I asked my fiance to help out with this project.  I was trying to get lunch ready and needed a hand.  He gladly took the opportunity.

1. they poured half of the premixed powder into hot water

2. They stirred and stirred until all of the powder was dissolved.

This step took awhile... 
So daddy helped. 

3. Place rocks into small tray. 
4. Pour water/powder mixture into tray.

5. pour the rest of the powder on top of the rocks. 

6. Wait

I will post the results in the next post.  The kids were tickled with this experiment.  They enjoyed all the steps and would stop and observe the progress of the crystals often. 

Doll Dragon is back for regular visitation!  After a lot of prayer she is home.  I can not thank God enough for this blessing.  She is very happy to be home.  Although I will continue to pray because we never know when the situation will change again.

More good news, we were finally able to celebrate Doll Dragons birthday!


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