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Tuberific Tube Racing

For this summer I have been trying to do an activity a day then letting the kids play the rest of the day.  :)

I downloaded a calendar from Motherhood on a Dime with ideas that I have been referencing when I don't have any. Mostly I only have to substitute the days there are outdoor activities because it has been raining and grey for a week.  :/

Monday we played with story cards for over an hour!
I found this picture on google images to give you idea of
what the cards look like

Story cards are double sided picture cards.  You can play the game in a variety of ways.  We played this two different ways.

First I dealt each person 5 cards.  1 player starts the story and then everyone takes a turn laying down a card using it in the story.  
I allowed a couple sentences per card for the kids.

Second we put the stack of cards in the middle of the table.  Each turn we would pick up the top card and have to add what we pulled to the story.  Thus eliminating the choice to use what works easiest in your hand and allowing more room for creativity.

The second way ended up working better and the story was more elaborate because the kids had to create a way for the object to come into the story.

This game was also great for the kids to learn to accept others ideas.  Usually between the ages of 4-6 kids want to pretend 'their way' and have a hard time combining different ideas.  With this game  each child had to wait their turn to insert their ideas and listen to others tell their stories without inserting or interrupting.  

We also had pom pom races with tubes on the walls. 
 I set up an easy 'track' and hard 'track'.  The easy track had a bigger container to catch the pom poms, where the hard track had a small container.

There was giggling, running, and cheering with this activity.  It was also something the kids could continue to come back to for the remainder of the day. 

Tuesday the kids played with play dough.  

I didn't plan for this as the activity but the kids asked to play with it and I thought, why not?

Later in the day Athena and Vera were bored and asked me if they could do another activity.  I thought this was the perfect time to pull out the file folders.

File Folder Games

Vera chose Nutrition and sorted the food according to their food groups. 

 Athena chose Animals.  She sorted the animals by types.  She also sorted the plants from the animals. 

I am happy I had these on hand.  

Wednesday we did not do an activity because we spent the majority of the afternoon at the grocery store.

As the summer continues so will our activities.  
Stop by again to see more! :)


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