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Professor Athena Playing in Her Lab

This weeks activities review.

Thursday we made fathers day cards.  I gave the kids some stencils and markers to use. 

Earlier in the morning the boys did wax paper painting. 
 I used different patterns then the first time and placed the paint closer together hoping to see more of a design.

 Liam asked for his paint to be in different shapes so he had a circle a square and triangle on his paper. 

After the paint dried I cut the extra wax paper from around the sides and hung it up on the window.  You can't see in this picture but when the sun shines through you can see hand prints in the paint.  It looks really cool! 

Friday we played stuck in the mud!  
It started because Spencer found a toy wand under the couch and tapped me with and told me I was stuck.  I played along and the other kids caught on quickly and wanted to play.  We soon got very roudy and ended up taking the game off the couch and adding running/chasing.  

In the game you had to tag both arms and both legs and then that person was stuck in the mud.  Once everyone had been tagged they person with the wand created the way they wanted to free everyone.  

We played for an hour or so.  There were many giggles, some screaming, and lots of running! 

We were a little worn out from our game and went upstairs to take a break.   Athena grabbed a pen and paper went under the desk and told everyone she was in her 'lab'.  
I was catching the boys as they ran and throwing them on the bed until Professor Athena came out of her lab and requested silence because Liam needed to come and see her. 

Unfortunately there was not enough room under the desk for both of them :(. They were a little disappointed.   I looked around the room and saw the perfect place to make a couple of labs out of our laundry baskets.  They started playing and pretending to give each other mail.  

I bought some envelopes and mini notepads from the dollar store a month ago knowing I could use them for some sort of pretend play and thought this was the perfect time to bring them out.  

I gave each of them a pen and some stickers too. 
I also brought up a collapsible box for the 'mail box' and we played 'Lab'.  
I sent the kids some mail to.  It worked out great for reading practice and handwriting practice. :)

Later in the evening Athena requested to play on the computer.  She gets bored with Nick Jr. games (I think they are to easy) and needed something new but educational to play.  I found ABC Mouse and signed up for our first month free.  She loves it!  I love it! There are lesson plans, tons of different games/activities, and she learns with each one.  I can also track her progress and change the level if it is to easy or to hard for her.  I can add Spencer on to for no extra charge and they have lessons for his age (2) as well!  

While Athena played her game Spencer and I had a Monster Truck Race! 

I  made a ramp with pillows.  I thought it was silly but Spencer loved it and that's what counts :).
It was simple rules: Whoever's car went the farthest won.

Spencer ended up winning most of the time because he had this throwing/pushing thing going on with his cars.  

Overall it was a good week.  I did a good job at completed at least one if not more activities each day with the kids.  
I do have to say I have not been reading my bible as much as I should or praying with the kids each morning and know that it will help my days go better if I do. 
My current goal is to teach and learn more about God with the kids this summer.  To start the habit of morning stretches and prayer. 

Have a good fathers day everyone! 


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