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Experimenting In The Kitchen

I saw the May challenge-Kitchen Chemistry- from Inspiration Laboratories online about 3 weeks ago.
I thought this was such a great idea!
I did not have any great inspiration until I discovered something myself.
I was preparing dinner: I put the noodles in the pan to boil and started gathering the rest of the ingredients.

I double checked my recipe and.....I was short 2 cups of cheese!


I was going to walk to the grocery store but that would have added 20 minutes to meal time and Jerry and I were Hungry.

I picked up Arby's.

When I finished eating I went in the kitchen to clean up the pans and put away the noodles.  I did turn off the heat but left the noodles in the water.  I poured the noodles into the strainer and I was surprised to see they weren't noodles it was dough.  They hadn't even been sitting for an hour.  I immediately thought of the challenge and put the dough in a container and stuck it in the fridge for later use.

Finally we had time to get out hands dirty. 

I gave each child a small pile of dough. 
It was really sticky! 

Next we added flour talking about how it helps dry the dough which makes it less sticky. 

I grabbed a bunch of spices out of the cupboard and the kids were able to smell each spice before deciding if they wanted to add it to their dough. 

I had no idea what we were going to make I let the kids choose what they were going to do with it. 

We added: 
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Baking Powder
  •  Sugar

Of course there was a taste test before they all decided they wanted to make cupcakes.  We spooned it into the pan and I baked them. 

While playing with the extra dough left one their wax paper Athena created a game 'sticky hands'.  She tried to get the boys to play with her by slapping their sticky hands together and singing a song.  Neither was very interested :/. 

When the cupcakes were done the kids tried them. 
They didn't like them very much.
I think it's because it wasn't crumby or 'fluffy'.  It was moist but not bread like. 

They had a great time experimenting with flavors and seeing the dough change from really sticky to something they could shape. 
Thank you Inspiration Laboratories for the challenge! 


  1. Love your little experimenters - testing ideas and trying things out! Nice job!

    1. They love to discover!
      I really enjoyed your post about the 1-2-3 game you play with your son to clean up. I will be trying that out with my kids.

  2. what an awesome mess! thanks for linking up to #kidsinthekitchen, hope you come back this week with more ideas for kids fun

    1. I found a ton of great ideas at #kidsinthekitchen! I am looking forward to linking again.


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