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5 Months

 5 months
I can not believe it has been 5 months since we brought our baby girl home.  So much has changed in that small amount of time and will continue changing quickly. 

This month I have seen more drastic changes and much more personality from my baby girl then the preceding months.  Here are some things that 5 month baby's are doing and learning and some tips on how you can help them along. 

  • Mouth
This month really starts a discovery period and the mouth is the main way a baby discovers the world around them.  1 reason for this is because they have more nerve endings in their mouth then the rest of their body so they are not only tasting but feeling each object.  

You will find that everything baby can hold she will want to explore with her mouth, including her toes. 

As for me I have older kids and the challenge is getting them to make sure their toys, which are all miniature for some reason, are not in baby's reach.  Because if she sees it, she is reaching for it and once it is in her hand it goes straight in her mouth. 

Another challenge with older kids is having them wash their hands before they play with the baby or touch her toys.  It is cold season and we don't want any unnecessary colds going around.  Sanitizing wipes are also great! 

  • Sitting up

This is a very exciting milestone to me.  I don't know why I find it so exciting, perhaps because I don't have to hold onto baby constantly for her to see more of the world then she can see from the floor, but I love when baby learns to sit!
At this point baby should be very close if not already sitting up on her own.  Sometimes baby will still loose balance so making sure there are things to catch the baby or baby is on a soft surface when practicing this skill is a good idea.  

To help baby keep their balance place their legs in a V shape and place a toy between their legs.  This way they are leaning forward slightly and are engaged with something.  Their legs give them a bigger base helping them not to wobble so much. 

  • Showing Affection

This is such a fun stage! I was so excited when baby girl started giving kisses.  This stage melts my heart!  

Around 5 months you will start noticing a return of affection from your baby.  This can be in hugs, kisses, smiles, and little arms reaching out for you when they want you.  Babies don't quiet understand what love is but they know what makes them feel happy.  Usually that is kisses, hugs, and smiles. 

Your baby may understand these words as well.  Probably won't be speaking them but when you say 'can mommy have kisses' baby may lean in for a big wet one. :) 

  • Stranger Anxiety 
This started earlier then 5 months for our baby girl and she is just about over it now.  Stranger anxiety is very normal for this time where I thought my baby was just clingy.  Good news is almost all babies experience this.  

Stranger anxiety is when the baby cries when people (usually anyone aside from the parents) holds them.  To be honest thinking about this from babies point of view it makes sense.  I would be scared if total strangers picked me up and started walking away with me, or I saw the person who makes me feel safe walking away after giving me to a stranger.  No thanks! 

For our family this emotional mile stone probably hit hard because I am a stay at home mom and my husband works from home.  This means baby is only really seeing two adults all the time.  She would get so upset when other adults just looked at her.  She is slowly growing out of this stage.  As long as she can see mommy and daddy she seems to do ok with other family members.  

According to research the way to approach this is to be patient with the baby and when she is being held by another family member stay close by.  Slowly increase the increments when you are away until eventually the anxiety goes away. 

  • Sounds 
Baby noises are so adorable!  At this point baby isn't just cooing she is trying to make actual sounds and maybe some words.  Simple words of course such as ma, da, ba, ect.  

Once baby learns these noises she will repeat them.  Usually one sound at time and then when she learns a new sound she will stop the other sounds she learned and focus on the new one.  This is baby practicing. 

Raspberries are a favorite fun sound that babies love to make at this age so just keep burp rags handy and have a bib on the baby and the spit shouldn't be to overwhelming. 

Baby still loves the sound of your voice and your partners voice so continue singing, reading and talking with baby. 

  • Games

5 months is the start to an interactive baby.  This month I feel my baby girl has really grown up and part of that is because she reacts to things.  To help further develop baby and enjoy interacting there are a few games you can play. 

moving toys
This helps eye focus and movement.  It is also the start of hand-eye coordination and depth perception.  

Move a toy slowly from side to side in front of the baby.  Not so fast baby can't catch it when she is ready to try. 

We also hang toys from the car seat.  They are on enough rings so they sway when her seat moves and she can also reach for them and bring them to her mouth (of course). 

peek a boo
Most of us know how to play this game and for some reason babies love it! 

We play this game all of the time, almost anytime there is a blanket around, which is always.  

Instead of playing with just your face and babies face play with her toys.  Cover the toy with a blanket then pull it off.  This teaches object permanence.  Babies don't understand this so to them it is more like magic and the reactions are so fun! But it still sets up stepping stones for object permanence.  

  • Facial Expressions

Baby has developed an emotional bases by now and uses her facial expression and the faces of those around her to understand how to interact with us and to express herself. 

Starting around this month baby will start to do things to make you laugh.  
She may also do things to get your attention, not just your laughs.  Like a mock cough just so you will look at her. 
She is also probably laughing at things you do to let her know it makes her happy. 

Remember the more you smile at your baby the more your baby will smile at you and the world. 

  • Strength
Baby is getting stronger with each passing week. By now she may be able to hold her own bottle and be very close, of not already, crawling.  

She also is probably good at putting weight on her legs.  

Our little lady loves to jump!  When we put her in her saucer she jumps and jumps!  I was surprised she jumped with both feet! 

  • Routine
We talked about this before but routine is important!  Keep up with bed time routines and other daily routines so baby can grasp the concept of time.  This will also make your life easier.  Knowing when it is feeding time or nap time and why baby may be fussing.  It is also great for planning your days.  I know when I can go grocery shopping or plan a lunch. 

A sneak peak at Baby Dragons 5 month photo shoot

Thanks for reading, liking, and sharing!  Enjoy this month with your little one :)


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