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33 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Once you have had your elf for a couple years ideas aren't so easy to come by because you have already done a lot of them.  So here are some ideas of what we have done in the past and perhaps there are a few you haven't seen :) 

1. Sitting on a decoration- This was one I did when I was really tired and didn't want to think of something fun or silly.  But still cute! 

2. Inside a paper towel roll on the counter- This one is great because then I can move him around without touching him to keep a good eye on the dragons through the day. 

3. Spelling how many days are left with cereal- We always do a countdown the last week with the elf.  Any cereal will work really. 

4. Reaching for the star- A cute concept that includes the tree.  

5. Iron man vs. Elf- The dragons were really into Disney Infinity this year so I had Iron man scorch Fizban. They thought it was funny! 

6. Captured by the bears!

7. Candy cane hunt- The elf hid candy canes around the house for the dragons to find.  

8. Elf and Barbie- Fizban loves to pose with Barbie and this time they had a sweet night ;)

9. Wrapped up in lights- Fizban was antsy to get the decorations up so he thought he would help. 

10. Nutcracker- Mischievous elf got his hand stuck in the Nutcracker.

11. Elf hats- Fizban brought elf hats with a note so the dragons could help spread Christmas cheer. 

12. Advent Calendar- This has become a tradition at our house for the elf to bring our advent calendar.  Each day brought a new Christmas activity. 

13. Sleigh riding- Sled riding down a nice slippery box with some friends was the perfect night time activity for our elf. 

14. Do you want to build a snowman?- Elf on the shelf built a snowman out of toilet paper rolls and wrote the cute line from the song on the mirror. 

15. Who's got mail?- The dragons were having a difficult time not touching the elf so he lost his magic.  He didn't have enough magic to fly back to scout so Santa mailed him back and reminded the dragons not to touch Fizban again.

16. In the bookshelf- This hiding spot was a good one! The dragons had a hard time finding the elf this morning.  It was a fun little squeeze for the elf. 

17. Hanging in the window- The elf just looking for a new way to view the world. Upside down! 

18. Reading a book- After a late night of gaming for us adults, Fizban decided to sit out and read a book we left out, The Monster Manual. 

19. Coat closet- This hiding spot took the dragons a long time to find.  Fizban was keeping warm inside a coat sleeve. 

20.Hanging on the star- Another easy one to incorporate the tree.  Upside down Fizban on the top of the tree. 

21. Frozen elf- Again the dragons were really enjoying Disney Infinity, plus Frozen is really popular, so Elsa froze Fizban in a block of ice. 

22. Peeking through the frame- This was another easy one, probably from the Christmas I was sick and pregnant like the other easy elf ideas lol.  It turned out to be a sneaky spot though, the dragons needed help finding Fizban. 

23. Webbed!- This is still one of my favorites, the elf got webbed by Spiderman.  I used spider web from halloween and just wrapped him up. 

24. Bathing in marshmallows- for whatever reason elf's to bathe in marshmallows.  Fizban ate his marshmallows too. 

25. Hair Dresser- Fizban loves to hangout with Barbie and her friends and we found him straightening up Twilights hair one morning. 

26. Toothpaste message- writing a note on the mirror with toothpaste, such a silly elf! At least it was a message of love.

27. Sack race- The elf got his friends together for a late night sack race across the finish line. 

28. Hot cocoa bar- The elf showed up with flavored cocoas and fun toppings!  The kids loved this!  They made us special coffee with this too :) 

29. Elf in a bag- Fizban found himself in a gift back this morning.  This one actually took the kids awhile to find. 

 30. Elf friends- The year Fizban showed up he brought along these fun bears with little bags.  He has used them continuously to bring the kids special gifts.  This time it was magic seeds!  

31. Snowy elf- The elf on the shelf got into the flour I had left on the counter when making a sweet treats for the kids.  He was pretending it was snow. 

32. Elf ribbon- I don't know what Fizban had been up to the night before but in the morning he was sliding down the ribbon. 

33. All wrapped up- Trying to help wrap Fizban got himself in a pickle, he wrapped himself all up.  There was even a bow on his head.

34. Party Nite- We had game night and when we went to bed the party didn't stop for the elf.  He enjoyed some pizza, popcorn, snowflake pretzels, and a drink! 

35. Bows, Bows, Bows- Perhaps our kitchen just wasn't festive enough for our elf so he set off a bow bomb to bring some holiday cheer! 
He hid up in the corner of the shelfs and was a little hard to spot. 

I hope this helps you with some ideas for your Elf on the Shelf :)  Enjoy your holiday!  
Merry Christmas! 

Thank you for reading, liking, and sharing


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