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Growing Our Own 'Garden'

I am exhausted.
We had a long busy day in preschool today.  The kids really enjoyed having something to do constantly and I didn't have bored, whiny baby dragons. :)

Before we started any activities I helped the kids clean up the playroom.
There has not been a lot of time spent down there recently-because of the mess-plus I want to start setting up dramatic play areas downstairs so it needed to be done.

After the playroom was clean, all the toys in the right place, the kids wanted to stay downstairs and play.

Of course :D.
(My plan worked)

This gave me time to make breakfast and set up preschool.

I like setting up when the kids are busy so they are not trying to play with things as I set them up.  They tend to get bored easier when that happens.

I have been stuck on new station ideas and decided I need to leave the stations out longer so I don't go through them so fast.

Shape patterns-I set out a tray with different shapes and colors and gave the kids strips to make patterns with the items. 

Reading station-I tried making it themed 'garden'.  I put some fake flowers in it and a brown blanket.  That's all I could come up with. 

Stencils-Markers, colored pencils, water, and stencils for the kids to create their own drawings. 

Rocks-I set out the rocks and green ice trays.  I encouraged the kids to count the rocks using the ice trays but they just wanted to pick them up and drop them. 

Observation-We put gummy worms in water and I put the jars on the table with a magnifying glass so the kids could observe the changes through out the day. 

I noticed that I have been having a hard time getting to circle time doing it last in the day.  I also observed that the kids like sitting in their desks coloring or doing worksheets while I cook dinner.  Therefore today we started with

Circle Time
I started circle time explaining the gummy worm experiment to the kids and filling up the mason jars with them.  We made our observations and guesses.  

The kids guessed the worms would float.  

We filled 2 jars, 
  One with hot water                                  One with cold

 The jars felt different-obviously-but it was intriguing to the little dragons that they were different temperatures.

Oddly they didn't say anything about the clearness of the water.
I pointed it out to them and they were able to identify which mason jar originally had hot water the rest of the day.

We will complete our experiment on Thursday.

Next I gave the kids paper and a pencil and read The Fox and The Grapes.  The story had no pictures so I asked the kids to draw a picture of the story.  We read the story twice.  I enjoyed seeing the differences in the drawings to the same story.

We sang the G Song and then the kids were excused for free time.

Math is usually the first activity we do.  We do math things all day-counting, shapes, numbers, sorting, etc- but in the morning we try to focus and do a worksheets for math.
This morning we did domino math. 

 Spencer couldn't complete the worksheet like the older kids but got practice counting and matching the domino's to the rectangles on the sheets.

We did a fun G assignment with handwriting and some reading practice that I found at

After lunch we headed outside to fill up some cups with soil.
I have wanted to plant seeds with the kids but have been putting it off.
Today I decided there is no reason not to.

I did not get pictures of them filling their cups.  Camera, dirt, and 1 mom doesn't work very well.

 Each child has their name written on their cups and picked what they wanted to plant...

Basil or Lavender

They made a little hole with their finger then dumped their seeds in. 
 Watered them.
 Then covered their seeds up gently with soil.  

I sent the kids downstairs for recess and prepared our art activity.

Painting with spring items

  • Flower stems
  • Pine cones
  • Foam flowers
  • Fake flowers

 They all started with the flower stems, the closest thing to a paint brush.  They drew with it and stamped with it.
Next was the pine cone.  This made a really cool texture on the paper with the paint.  The pine cone was rolled stamped and eventually crushed into small pine pieces in the paint.

I tried to make a stamp with a cork and the foam flower but it wouldn't stick :( but the kids still enjoyed using the corks as an additional stamp and there were not any complaints from Athena at the chance to get her hands dirty using the foam flower covered in paint!


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