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Art Journal Entry-Sharks

This art journal went with our Sh sound unit

Art Journal
I recently found out about art journals and thought it would be a wonderful experience with the kids for preschool.  There are so many possibilities with art journals and it is a nice way to express yourself with another person through art.  This activity can look many different ways for many different people.  Art is open, as is journaling.

We will be adding 1 entry a week to our art journal.  The themes, topics, or prompts may be random or may go along with a theme we are learning about for the week.

I had this idea since the first day I was looking into what I wanted to teach about sharks. 

It came about when I was looking at what makes a shark a shark. 
I knew this is information I wanted Little Dragon to learn and this art journal was the perfect way of teaching it. 


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • art journal
  • crayons
  • pencil

First we made the body
Not any of the fins, including the back fin, just the body. 

All sharks, except the hammerhead, have a triangular body instead of an oval body. Meaning they come to a point at the front and widen as the body continues toward the back.

After we drew and cut out our body we designed our own tail fins. 

I was surprised at how little dragon knew exactly what he wanted from the start of this activity. He didn't even need to look at pictures for ideas. He knew what he wanted and created until he achieved the look he was going for. 

Next we made our dorsal fins, sharks have two 
Then the under fins
Lastly the side fins
We added teeth and eyes to our sharks and they were complete! 

Next we made a background for our sharks. Again little dragon knew exactly what he was going to do. 

I helped little dragon a tad by drawing him some fish but otherwise he did everything on his own

He was super proud of his project and has taken out his art journal to look at it a few times

And here is mine...

I will call this activity a win! 

Click here to see more of our art journals

              Thanks for checking out my blog! I would love to read                           your comments and feel free share! 


  1. Nice! you could make a whole aquarium with this idea 🐟 Like those pinterest ones where the fish hang with string inside of a box. I helped my niece do one of those and she had a great time. She didn't put any of the fish I made in her aquarium though, only hers :( haha

    1. That is a great idea! I know it would be a favorite to have an open box aquarium. Perhaps she is saving your fish for something else? lol


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