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M is for Meat Eaters

In pre-school Little Dragon has been learning about mail men for the last two weeks.
When his teacher first told me the topic and letter I told Little Dragon we would learn more about mail men.

Now we have gone over mail men and community helpers twice so when I told Little Dragon we would learn about m is for mail man he was was disappointed and asked if we could learn about something else.

I can't say this upset or surprised me.  I get bored teaching the same things.

So when we got home we brainstormed letter m topics. 

I thought he would go for monkey, maybe mommy but he went with meat eaters.  Which he came up with on his own during our brainstorming.  

This topic was a bit difficult for me to plan at first.  I would like to expand on this more but there are only so many hours in a day (and so many when mommy's are not being pulled in every direction) to make a impromptu plan. 

This Week 
Keeping with our theme we did a few meat eater activities 
Meat Eater art

We worked on sentence structure using letter m words

We also reviewed shapes using shape buttons

After sorting the buttons we played 'store' with them. 
 Little Dragon was a store owner that sold car pieces.  
I was a variety of customers (using different voices/accents) who needed different pieces to fix my car. 
Example: I need 3 triangles and 2 ovals of the same color for my car. 
The most 

Sometimes he would ask for a particular voice and giggle when I talked.  

This activity is great for shapes, colors, numbers, and sizes.  

Beings Little Dragon is in preschool 3 days a week on the days he goes to school we only work in his red binder. 
 In the red binder we go over
  • what day it is
  • the number of the day (the date)
  • before and after
  •  clocks and time
  • 1 domino math equation
  • practice writing his name
  • rhyming
  • address
  • phone number
  • missing numbers on a number line
  • uppercase/lowercase matching
This list looks long, but we don't go over EVERYTHING everyday.  We always do the main page which has a majority of the list on it and Little Dragon can complete it in about 20-30 minutes.  The rest we pick and choose what he feels up to doing that day. 

And of course EVERYDAY we read!  Reading is very important and I have found Bob Books to be an amazing tool for beginning readers!  I have used them to teach both of my kids to read.  I did try some phonics books first with Little Dragon and he struggled with them.  Bob Books has the win in our family. 

Check out the links above for some Meat Eater specific activities. 

Thanks for checking out my blog! I love reading your     comments and feel free share! 


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