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Silly, Sneaky Elf!

The past two days some silly things have been happening around the house.

Yesterday was the first day since Thanksgiving we have had both of our kids.  We started our advent calendar and had our first ever visit from an elf at the North Pole!
(I am in love with the Elf on a Shelf idea but am unable to spend $30 on an elf.  Instead the elf leaves clues behind to let the kids know he is here but they never catch a glimpse of him.)

Day 1
I have big magnets the kids can manipulate on the fridge.  They put together Santa and a Christmas tree.  I found them at Target for $1.  Well the dragons spent some time putting together the magnets then headed upstairs to play.  I rearranged the magnets so they were no longer together and all over the front of the fridge and then quickly followed the kids upstairs.
We were upstairs for awhile before the kids wondered back downstairs.  When they saw the fridge they ran upstairs to say 'someone' had messed up their magnets.  They were all blaming each other trying to figure out who done it.
Jerry and I asked them questions to prove all of their innocence.  Such as "was that person downstairs by themselves?"  "Did you see them do it?"  The answer to theses questions was no.

Then I told them it must have been that mischievous Elf! I told them he visits everyday to make sure the kids are on good behavior to report back to Santa.  This time he must have left a clue that he was watching to make sure our house was full of good listeners.
Let me tell you I had awesome behavior the rest of the day.

Day 2
The Elf was super sneaky today.  I am surprised we didn't see him at all!  While me and Little Dragon walked a few feet to the kitchen to hang up some art The Elf sneaked right past us and dumped out Little Dragons crayons all over the table!  When he went to sit back down at his desk he saw the mess. He looked at me confused.  He is only 3 and it will take a couple times for him to catch on.
I asked him "Did you do that?"
He said "No."
I said "Of course not you were in the kitchen.  Hmm... Did I do that?"
He said "No you were in the kitchen with me."
I started to smile at him and then it clicked.
"The Elf!  That silly, sneaky Elf!  Why did he dump out my crayons?  Crayons are supposed to stay in the box. *shakes head* Silly Elf!"

There was 1 crayon still left in the box.  Little Dragon found this funny.  Together we cleaned up the mess while discussing why and how The Elf did this.
The best answer... MAGIC!


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