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Melting Stars

It has been difficult for me to keep up with posting of late. I have been distracted planning for the upcoming preschool year.  I told myself I had more time then I do and I am feeling the pressure of having everything ready.

I found a great resource for lesson planning early in the summer and was very excited to use the lessons as a base.  They focus on God's word which is important to me.  Lessons here.
Last year was my first year doing preschool.  I started without many resources or research.  I just wanted to get started with something.
Since I began this journey I have found many other moms who do similar things as me and have found many great inspiring ideas!
Towards the end of the school year I was much better at planning, prepping, and conducting lessons but still felt there was room for improvement.
I am proud to say I am where I want to be now with my planning.  Instead of planning once a week for a whole two weeks I plan to have (am on week 9 now) all 28 weeks planned before the start of the year.
I know having things planned and written out ahead of time will help me with daily activities.

I am feeling very excited!  The kids have also had a couple sneak peaks into the lessons and are very excited as well :).

The best thing about it I think is that I have encouraged and inspired my sister to teach her preschool aged children at home as well.  Plus she will be learning about God and the bible along with them and that makes me very excited!

Well not that I have gotten all of that excitement out I want to share with you a couple things that have been keeping me busy outside of the lesson plans.

Last week we had a box of fireworks left over from the 4th.  With nothing better to do and the kids begging to go outside we decided to head out into the heat and light em up! 

They loved it!  They were so excited to see the colored smoke.  Jerry tried tying three of them together to see if we could mix the colors but it didn't end up working. :(
The best part though was when the smoke started drifting towards the kids and they were not sure what to do.  They kinda stood there giggling then backed up a little then ran away screaming scared.
After some smoke bombs and pop its there weren't many other fireworks to do during the day, we wanted to save them for when it was dark.
The kids were getting bored quickly and it was hot!
I went inside and grabbed my colored ice cubes from the freezer. I always have a batch ready to go for times like these :).

We discussed why the ice melted and we experimented with the ice to if it melted faster on the sidewalk or the grass.  In the shade or in the sun.

Spencer didn't quiet understand the concept and kept asking where his stars went.

We played adventurers through the trails.
The best part of this was when were passing a family on the trail and Spencer tells him we are looking for the Dragon Castle.  The little boy stops in his tracks, eyes wide and says "there is a dragon castle!"
I reply "Yes! we are trying to find it."
Jerry "Did you see one up this way?"
Little boy "No"
Vera "Here is another dragon foot print it must be this way!"
And we start heading off as the parents of the little boy chuckle and move him in the direction they were traveling.
We received many smiles from other families while we adventured, not coming out of character the whole time.  I hope it inspired other parents to live and play more freely with their kids.

Perhaps we didn't practice ABC's or 123's during our adventure but we worked our problem solving skills. :)

Have you ever played pretend with your kids and stopped worrying about what other parents would think? I would love to hear your stories!


  1. Fun! WE have a tray of these sitting in the freezer too. Just may have to pull them out today :) Found your post on G+. Now following! Colleen at Sugar Aunts

    1. Thank you for the follow! :) I am following you too. I look at your blog for ideas often. Hope you had bunches of fun with your ice too!


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