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This page is my review on the books we read in preschool.  

This was one of the books The Dragons picked off the shelf.  Our theme for preschool this week was space, this book has a big moon on the front so they picked it out.  It looked like an adventure book as well so it was very fitting for the week. 
Opening up this book was an adventure all right! I enjoyed reading it and The Dragons enjoyed listening. They were very intrigued with the man who kept coming into the boy's room.  He was so mysterious.  In the end of the book the little boy goes to the moon to have his own adventure.  The pictures in this book were big and beautiful.  

I picked up this book for our Bugs summer week.  The pictures were big and colorful and there were small pages between the big pictures. The kids had to find the small caterpillars and eggs which was fun for them.
It was a simple walk through of how a caterpillar gets it's wings with small words the kids could understand in preschool.  I also liked how the book illustrated how small caterpillars are in contrast to the world.  This was accomplished by having the span of the caterpillars life take place in a small area of a garden, using the small pages inside the big page.

Oh my goodness this book was darling.  I loved it!  The kids did too.  It was a wonderful winter book and you could do any winter activity with this book.  Each page had little verbiage and big illustrations!  I loved how positive the boy character was about winter. 

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I have always liked this book, as have my kids.  I chose this book during our Apple theme week.  One reason I love the book is because the letter a and word apple show up a lot and there is plenty of counting.  We count all the apples on each page.  Great for repetition.  It is now habit for my kids to count the apples on the character heads when they read this story on their own.  There are almost endless activities to do with this book as well.  We did some that you can read about by clicking on the photo or you can visit makinglearningfun for more fun activities for this book. 

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This is a family favorite!  We haven't done any special activities with this book by it has the letter x in it repeatedly so we read it during "x week".  There are always giggles when we read this book.   

We read The Little Red Hen  when we were studying the Letter R.  
This lead into discussion about community helpers.  We focused on bakers and I set up a bakery for dramatic play.  
The kids learned about sharing in the work to share in the final product.  
After we read the book we made puppets and the kids played out the story with the puppets. 
We read The Hat when learning about the Letter H. 
The kids enjoyed this story because the animals were wearing people clothes which is silly.  The illustrations in the book were fun and allowed interaction during the story.  

Another book for learning letter H week. It is a cute story about little hippos.  There isn't a moral to the story and it seemed random to me.  The illustrations were small and not really colorful.  It did hold the kids's attention but I would not recommend this book. 

A quick and fun book about hippos.  There is more information in this book then we got into.  Each of the fun facts have details and information but we just briefly went over the facts and enjoyed the pictures the first reading.  The second reading we dove into more detail and it was more of a review then an overload of information.  A nice book with pictures for the kids to look at on their own. 

Elmer and the Hippos was an adorable story.  It had a good lesson on helping each other and talking to each other about differences.  It was super colorful and have found the kids picking this one up over and over again.  

We read this book to correlate with the discovery pack we borrowed from the library.  I have been working with Spencer more on his colors and this book is very vibrant.  The older kids picked up more on how colors represent emotions.  It was a short book that you can easily add actions to (which we did) to keep the kids entertained. 

A Color of His Own was a book included in the discovery pack.  A simple story of a lone chameleon who wanted a color identity.  He ends up finding another chameleon companion who will always be the same color as him so he won't feel alone being different colors all the time.  I found this story adorable :).  

This was not so much a story but simply recognizing the shape of things.  While reading this I provided foam shapes for the kids to build what they were seeing on each page.  It was a lot of fun and very interactive!  We repeated the names of the shapes many times while using the foam shapes to recreate.  It held the kids attention well and it was easy to recognize the shapes in the book.  

Bear in a Square won the vote for the book to read.  The pictures were big and the objects you are asked to find were not so difficult it was discouraging.  Page by page you are to find a shape and the number of shapes to find continues to increase to number 10.  Both counting and shape practice!


I like this book especially because it has an activity in the back.  It goes over a decent vocabulary of d words and here is a longer list in the back of words that are not used in the story.  The story is about a little girl who makes a doll house for her dolls and all the letter d things she can put in the doll house.  I ended up making a 'd sound bag' for the kids to rummage through and display during our circle time.  

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs  is a big book.  I really enjoyed the large printed version because the kids can see the pictures really well.  It was a short read that simplified the different dinosaurs by characteristics instead of names. 

I found this book on sale during Dr. Seuss's birthday and couldn't pass it up when we are learning about dinosaurs.  This book really breaks down the pronunciation of the dinosaur names.  The kids giggled and said all the names with me.  They have enjoyed re-reading this.

This was a fun read!  The kids were on the edge of their seats listening to this book.  They were all worried the fox was going to eat the ducks and did not expect the ducks to fool the fox.  It was also a great book for counting! 

Doggies is a book that counts dogs.  All the dogs are different and have different barks.  It was fun imitating all the different bark types. 

This book came in the discover pack from the library.  It was good at helping the kids grasp how huge dinosaurs are.  The illustrations were cute too. 

I remember reading this when I was a child.  It was one of my favorites.  Re-reading it as an adult I am not sure why.  This book was a little goofy but just like me both my kids really enjoyed this book. We have re-read it many times.  

This big book was our introduction to time.  It was easy to understand and a great way to start this topic! 

Ducky is a true story about a crate of tub toys that went overboard.  The duck in the story has a lot of emotions we could talk about.  It also talks about sinking and floating which was a great thing to talk about.  The kids explored sinking and floating with a sensory sink after we read the book.  

I was a little weary about the end of this story but we focused more on the princess cleverly tricking the dragon.  I had to explain the princess's plan but once they knew what she was doing they intrigued.  I picked up some paper bags from the grocery story and gave them to the kids to decorate.  I cut holes in the head and arms.  This was great for dress up role playing! 

Adorable tale about two unlikely creatures becoming friends.  I liked that the story was not explained with words but by the pictures.  The children had to examine the pictures and decide what was happening and had fun guessing what would happen next!  I planned on making paper mache shields but have not had time yet :/. 

We listened to the song while looking at the pictures in the book.  It is short and sweet.  The illustrations were very beautiful.  We listened to the song multiple times, very calming.   

This was a short story and very colorful.  It did not take much of the kids attention so it was perfect for a mid day read.  We read this in preschool the same night we colored eggs.  My little dragons mentioned the book while coloring the eggs!  I like that it talks about sharing with friends too :)

Having individual books instead of only reading bible stories from a bible have been a nice treat.  The couple books I have found have had good art and explain the events well. 

This was in this weeks discovery pack and the kids picked it for the morning read.  I do not have much to say about the book, it was not my favorite. 

I loved singing this with the kids!  All of them participated and enjoyed finding the animal that fell out of bed on the next page.  Counting, I Spy, and singing.  What more can a book have? 

This is my favorite book I have come across to tell the story of Cain and Abel.  In the beginning it talks about the love the brothers have for each other and their friendship.  Helps kids recognize that being different doesn't mean one is better then the other.  In the end it gives a good lesson saying if everyone were to reach out their hand in kindness and love our world could grow to be great!  

There is a ton of counting in this book on every page!  You count forwards, backwards, add and subtract.  I did set up a 'books alive' area for the kids to recreate this story during preschool. 

Perfect time for the letter E and My "e" Sound Box.  There are Easter Eggs and an Easter Bunny in the book.  We read this the day after Easter and put together our own 'E' sound bag that is available for play for the week. 

A short, not to much information for a preschooler, book about elephants.  The up close pictures were neat. All I need now is an actual sensory item for the kids to touch.  

When I saw this book I knew it was perfect for this weeks study!  I liked that it focused on keeping your word no matter what.  I referenced this book when helping the kids keep their word.  They were excited and proud when they followed through.  Thanks Horton! 

An adorable book about a small Elephant who doesn't want to get in the tub.  It didn't really have a lesson but was a cute tale the kids enjoyed. 

Another cute story with an elephant.  I did enjoy reading this one because it brought up questions like "why would the hallway be messed up?" This helped the kids think about the size of the elephant compared to a house.  This book also brought up blame and telling the truth.  We discussed if what was happening was real or fake and so forth.  Good book. 

A great book that explains what to expect in the Spring.  After reading this book we had a Spring Sensory Sink  to explore more about Spring.  We have re-read it a couple times because the kids enjoyed it so much. 

The Elephant Book was a bit much for my preschoolers to grasp.  I knew this when I picked it up from the library.  It has great pictures and a lot of them.  I used this book as a 'review' tool on what we have learned about elephants.  By showing my little dragons a picture in the book they would tell me a fact about elephants.  With such wonderful pictures we were able to review all things we had learned, plus learn some new things that were not in the other elephant book we checked out. 

I would like to say I love this book!  It is a different version of Humpty Dumpty.  It was also the perfect book to read before our Egg Drop science experiment!     

Grass starts with 'g' so I picked up this book.  I wasn't planning on a lesson coming from it but was going through my worksheets and found one that was perfect for this book.  While we read the story the kids looked in the grass for the same animals they had on their activity sheet.  After we read the story I encouraged them to draw what they saw in the book that was not on their papers.  
There is not much of an actual story here but I am happy that I was able to make something of the book. 

I know everyone has to love this book.  I have seen it on a ton of blogs lately and my mom sent me a copy in the mail for preschool.  This has become a favorite of the kids as well because the giraffes name is the same as daddy's.  

After reading this book the kids were able to explore in the G sensory bin where they found everything G! 

I would not have known about this book without the discovery pack from the library.  I loved the book.  It was not strictly patterns it had a story to it.  I also loved that they had activity ideas in the back.  I am going to look for more books like this on my next trip to the library. 


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