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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Finish the Egg

This activity went with our letter E, Easter theme you can find here

When I saw this activity I really liked it.  It is super easy to make and it is open for many different levels of learning. When creating your symmetrical egg you can make it as easy or as hard as you like. 


  • paper
  • pencil/marker
Before we got started I explained, by example on the board, what we were doing.  

I had two older dragons with me when we did this activity.  To make this more challenging and to take up a bit more time because I knew they would finish fast, I had each of them design half an egg for the other person. 
Together we brainstormed some ideas on what they could do for their egg designs and they were quickly excited to start. 

This activity is great for fine motor skills and extra pencil holding practice.  For the Little Dragon I tried to do designs he may see in his letter practice and I also threw in some challenges.  He is pretty good at writing his letters already.

The older dragons giggled and giggled as they drew their half of the egg.  They kept telling each other how hard they were making it trying absurd designs. 
They soon finished their eggs and swapped
   It didn't take either of them long to complete the other half. 

As for Little Dragon....

He is a little OCD so this activity proved to be more of a challenge then I had anticipated. 

I gave him his egg and looking at it he felt confident he could complete it.  Then he started... 

I thought he started of nicely.  His lines were pretty accurate I wasn't expecting perfect.  

But Little Dragon was

He was getting so frustrated that it didn't look exactly the same as my side.  His lines were not at the same angle and it bugged him.  No matter how many times I reassured him he was doing a wonderful job he wanted to keep erasing and trying again

Needless to say we took a breathing break and came back to it the next day. 
He finished without the frustration and colored it all in.  On the back he made a perfectly symmetrical egg design all done by one hand.  All the lines evenly spaced.  

It's times like these it is hard not to laugh at certain personality traits.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Egg Sticker Count

Little Dragon worked on his double digit numbers with this

This was an easy activity to make

  • paper with an egg drawn on it and numbered
  • an extra paper with numbers for reference
  • plenty of stickers
The reference guide was a saver for Little Dragon.  He has numbers 1-10 down but needs a practice with 11-20 which is why I made this activity.  

He was able to get through it alright and he did a lot of counting to make sure he had the right number or how many more stickers he needed. 

He was very proud when he finished and focused during the activity.  

This could easily be modified for many themes or lines on a paper just to practice numbers. 

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E is for Easter Eggs

I know I know a typical Easter letter choice and theme.  But Little Dragon hadn't quiet mastered letter E yet and Easter was the perfect time to reiterate this letter, plus I thought it would help him remember.  

We started the week of with our bin of eggs

You can call it a sensory bin because there are some sensory experiences here, but none my dragons hadn't experienced before.

This week

We played some egg games 
Stack 'Em Don't Crack 'Em
Egg Toss
Minute to Win It

We practiced handwriting and reading on the white board

The older dragons unscrambled the words and Little Dragon had to read the unscrambled word.

And fixed sentences

Little Dragon had to find all of the letter e's in the sentence
He also did some standard letter E handwriting

Little Dragon worked in his red binder

In the red binder we go over
  • what day it is
  • the number of the day (the date)
  • before and after
  •  clocks and time
  • 1 domino math equation
  • practice writing his name
  • rhyming
  • address
  • phone number
  • missing numbers on a number line
  • uppercase/lowercase matching
This list looks long, but we don't go over EVERYTHING everyday.  We always do the main page which has a majority of the list on it and Little Dragon can complete it in about 20-30 minutes.  The rest we pick and choose what he feels up to doing that day. 

We also did these alphabet activities
Uppercase/Lowercase Matching
Fill in the missing letter

And these Egg Themed activities

I made some worksheets, you can find the download at the bottom of this post, for the dragons to work on this week.

The packet was Easter themed.  There were some traditional Easter pages but it was mostly geared towards Jesus and the resurrection.  When I first handed them the packet we went over the significance of each page.  The cross, the tomb, and Jesus ascending.  

Little Dragon has been practicing following instructions on paper so I made the activities to give more practice in that department. 

For example the first page says Color the middle cross red, circle the the right, draw stripes on the crosses to the left. 

Doll Dragon did the packet just because it gave her something to do and feel accomplished doing.  

I thought the dragons would do maybe 1 page per day for the week but they were excited to get working on the packet as soon as I handed it to them.  

When the time came they sat and finished all pages in about 30-40 minutes.  I asked if they wanted to save some but they were set on getting it done. 

At the end of the week before we move on to the next letter I check to see if Little Dragon has learned the letter or needs more time.  
To check this I give him mini tests

Test includes

  • name the letter from memory
  • write the letter from memory
  • know the letter sound
  • identify the letter on an alphabet sheet with other letters
  • give me a word that begins with that letter
Little Dragon knows the letter E! 

We also colored eggs and celebrated Easter

These are the dragon eggs my dragons made
aka their favorites that they are convinced hold dragons inside


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