Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Leaving L (wrap up week 17)

The second half of the week was difficult.  I had a hard time engaging the kids in any activity.  Both Dragons were full of energy.  I think being cooped up because of the weather was getting to them.
After the seek-n-find activity we did earlier in the week we taped the verse to the window to remind us to love as Jesus did.

Little Dragon retold the story of the Good Samaratian on the white board.

The second half of the week Little Dragon colored his yellow page for is dinosaur color book.  Both Dragons added an Amarillo ice cream scoop to their Spanish ice cream cones.

The Dragons used yellow paper to make a letter activity. 

We had a yellow lunch too!

Jerry has been home more since he was laid off so he helped in preschool.  He came up with a sentence activity with the letter L.  It was good reading practice for Doll Dragon and letter recognition for Little Dragon.  

The Dragons used yellow crayons to write L's in their Alphabet Notebooks. 
The Dragons made the letter L with stickers.  Little Dragon glued on some pictures of L things. 

I was feeling sick so The Dragons did some of their Weekly Folder work on my bed. 

Kissing Hand
 As I mentioned in my last post we  have been doing some Kissing Hand activities.  The story fits nicely with our love theme.

I liked the variety of activities for this book.  There were options for coloring or drawing your own version of the book.  There were also story changing pages where The Dragons could draw themselves in the story.

The Dragons made their own Kissing Hand books.  Once they were finished they made Chester masks to play with! 

I mentioned before that The Dragons had been playing in the yellow sensory bin a lot so I did not set up the planned bin.  Late in the week though Doll Dragon really wanted to use here hands to crinkle, tear, or break something.  She was picking up objects asking if she could break/snap them.  I know this is a learning thing for her, she is very curious, she needs to discover and feel things.  I grabbed some spaghetti noodles from the pantry (they are so cheap anyway) and told her she could break them in the sensory bin if she helped me clean it out.  Of course she cleaned up with a great attitude and quickly.  

Then the breaking started! 

 When the noodles were small enough Doll Dragon asked if she could add cotton balls.  I keep these close at hand so in they went.  Little Dragon was interested in the bin after the cotton balls were added.  He grabbed his super heroes and Doll Dragon grabbed some barbies and pony's.
Let playtime begin...and last...all day.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

L is for love

The good Samaritan is our story focus which is a great story illustrating how to love your neighbor.  The first couple days we read the story from the bible.

After the first reading the kids put a band-aid on a stuffed animal. They had to look after that animal all day, 
be loving to the animal.  They even brought their animals to their other parents houses to continue looking after them.

There were heart cutouts with the bible verse written in them that we used for a seek-n-find activity.  After all the hearts were found The Dragons put them in the order of the bible verse. 

Weekly Folder

The folders had some nice love activities in them.   
A couple weeks ago we read the kissing hand.  I included some activities from that book in their folder.   it's an adorable book about love and it is easy to find love activities with the book. 

First thing in the folder were cards for The Dragons to make little love notes for people they loved.

I also put a station for The Dragons to make a bookmark.  They could give it to someone or keep our if they loved reading books.

Loving your neighbor is then for you love your family or spouse.  We discussed the types of love there are 
And different ways to express it.
I taught Little Dragon how to say I love you in sign language and how we use our arms to say I love you.
We took some time to write a love note to those we love. 


There were a lot of fun yellow things found by Little Dragon this week.  After the hunt we put them in our sensory bin and both Dragons played with the yellow bin for the week.  I was surprised.  Although, yellow is such a fun color to look at.

I try to do a bit of reviewing each week to keep the other letters/numbers that we have already gone over fresh.  It is easy for little one's to forget.

This week we did a number review game on the white board.  This was close to St. Patrick's day so we used the shamrocks and our theme this week is love so we also used hearts.

I would put up a  number magnet and ask Little Dragon to put that number of things under the magnet.  He would choose shamrocks or hearts.

We went over every number, some numbers twice.  We did this activity until Little Dragon was bored.

I set out some pom poms, tongs, and a worksheet.  I asked Little Dragon to place a pom pom in each circle of the page.

The worksheet was a letter H, which is the letter we worked on last week.  It also had hearts which went along with this weeks theme.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bread Experiment

What happens to bread when it is left in a dark place for 5 days? 

During our study of Jesus feeds 5000 we did a bread experiment.

  • two pieces of bread
  • water
  • medicine dropper
  • two Ziploc bags

First things first the dragons explored the bread. They touched,  felt, smelled, and examined the bread.
I wrote down some of the descriptions on the white board.
Then I explained the experiment. We wanted to know what happens to a dry piece of bread and a wet piece of bread kept in a dark place for 5 days. 

Of course the dragons took some guesses on what they thought would happen to both the dry and wet bread.

Next Doll Dragon used the dropper get the bread damp.  
Each Dragon then put their bread in their bags and then in the very back of the cupboard.
After five days we checked the bread. 
They again explored all aspects of the bread, Little Dragon even tasted it.

The results, Little Dragons bread remained mostly unchanged.  It was slightly more firm but not hard. 

Doll Dragons bread did have a change.  There was a bit of mold growing on the bread.   We talked about good bread vs bad bread and how the moisture and dark was a good combination for fungus to grow.

This week we brought out another activity from Kiwi Crate.
Our family loves doing Kiwi Crates!  Everything needed for the activity is available so it makes for a nice family craft or activity.

We did the second craft in the modern art themed box, hanging mobiles.
This activity was good for fine motor skills by pushing the pipe cleaner through the buttons.  Sandwiching the stickers onto the pipe cleaner took some hand strength.  My favorite thing was how open for creativity this activity was.

There was also some science involved.  Trying to get the stickers to balance the different sides of the mobile. The concept of balance was a bit new to the kids.  The mobiles were a great visual.

These mobiles were quick to make and look nice hanging above the beds of The Dragons.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hopping on (Week 16 wrap up)

The end of the week the story of Jesus feeding 5000 was well known to the kids.  Both Dragons also had their bible verse memorized mid week.

To conclude this week of 'hungry' we did a bible verse craft (below) and had 1 last picnic. 

There were not as many animals this time but the Dragons enjoyed each others company and the banana bread.  :)

Bread and fish basket

  • brown construction paper (2 shades)
  • another piece of construction paper (kids choice)
  • glue stick
  • stickers
  • markers
  • pencil
Step 1: I cut out basket shapes out of brown construction paper.
Step 2: While the kids decorate their baskets with stickers and markers cut out bread shapes out of the other shade of brown construction paper. 

Step 3: Each dragon chose what color they wanted their fish to be.  Step by step the dragons drew their own fish copying off the board. 

Step 4: Cut out the fish and glue them and the bread pieces to the decorated baskets. 

Step 5: Write out the bible verse as the kids relay it to you. (Great for memorization.) 

Healthy food printing/painting
  • variety of fruits and vegetables
  • paint
  • big pieces of paper
  • kabob sticks

Step 1: Cut all fruit and vegetables in half or into the size you want for the printing/painting. 

Step 2: pick your paint colors

Step 3: Paint or print using the healthy foods.  I encouraged the kids to do more of a printing so we could see and recognize the different healthy foods.  Some of the kids enjoyed stamping while others used the foods to smear the paint on the paper. 

Ziggy Puppet

  • Craft stick
  • zebra print out
  • crayons/markers
With all of the love for Ziggy The Dragons had to make their own Ziggy puppet.  They were very excited to make a replica.  I printed an extra page of Ziggy doing different things.  Little Dragon wanted a Ziggy who was holding a bunch of hot cakes.  Doll Dragon wanted a Ziggy just like mine, but a girl, so I drew here a matching Ziggy.  When they finished decorating them as they liked they glued them onto a craft stick.  Bam! Puppet in 10 minutes. 

To end the week the dragons used their orange menus for dramatic play.  Little Dragon colored a page for his number/color dinosaur book. 

 Because both of my dragons know their colors well I decided to introduce the Spanish names for the colors.  We will be making giant ice cream cones of colors as the weeks pass.  Each week we will add another scoop. 

Dramatic Play
I was excited to set up the restaurant dramatic play.  I knew the kids would really enjoy it.  The restaurant is easy enough to play and needs little set up.  The first time I set it up I put a bit more into it because it went with the theme of the week.  But since then the Dragons have kept the menu's and order pads handy to take our orders whenever it suits their fancy. 

I set up our coffee table with a candle in the middle and two chairs.
The dragons all dressed in aprons and had their own order pad and pencil.
To the side I used the small desks to set up a bin of food.  There were cookie sheets, bowls, spatulas, and spoons. Here they did there cooking and washing dishes.

We have played restaurant before but this was the first time I introduced menu's.  The Dragons were thrilled to have the extra handheld item for the dramatic play. :)

Healthy Food

In addition to hungry we talked about healthy food choices.  To help understanding I had my dragons sort some food printouts into healthy and unhealthy food piles.  Ziggy showed up to help with this activity. 

Ziggy also talked with the kids about kitchen clean up he told the kids about the silly word game he plays as he cleans.  We joined in the game as we cleaned up.

To play you say words that rhyme with what you are cleaning up but you try to say silly nonexistent rhyming words.  This really helped making clean up fun.

As mentioned above The Dragons explored/discovered fruits and vegetables.  They know how fruits and veggies taste and look but what do they look like on the inside?  How do they smell?  How do they feel?
These are the questions I asked as they discovered the healthy foods.
The foods were:

  • potato
  • broccoli
  • apple
  • pear
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • green pepper
After they examined each food in the bowl they were ready to paint! 

The apples and pears worked like a suction cup and stuck to the paper.  This made getting a print difficult.  So I grabbed some ka-bob sticks and stuck them in the fruit to help with the stamping.  This worked great! 

After the discover each child kind of stuck to 1-3 foods to paint with.  Little Dragon did not paint with anything but broccoli.  Doll Dragon enjoyed the apples and pears.  She tried her hand at broccoli but she was a bit rough with it and it broke apart on her paper.  Visitor Dragon painted with the most variety.  He tried out the apple, pear, broccoli, and cucumber.  The potato, celery, and green pepper were untouched by paint.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Field Trip To The City

We don't get the chance for field trips often so myself and the kids were very excited about our field trip.

We visited the city for our field trip.  We went to the downtown library and rode a trolley to the Peanut Shop.

Our first stop was the library.  We wanted to make the field trip educational and read a book about trolley's before we went on our trolley ride. 

The downtown library was huge!  There was a nice turtle display up for kids to touch and explore.  The librarian took the time when we walked in to talk to the kids about turtles.  There was a real turtle shell too! 

There were plenty of things to play with.  Lego blocks, trains, a doll house, a pretend kitchen with table and chairs, and a sleeping area for baby dolls.  There were also plenty of books (of course) and puzzles. 

The dragons also enjoyed looking at the city and watching the cars drive by. 

After a good amount of time at the library we went outside to catch the trolley.  The cool thing about the trolley, for me, is that it was free.  Every Friday!  The city provides the service.  That is awesome.  It doesn't seem to be well know though because the trolley was empty for both rides.

The trolleys were very nice as were the drivers.  The seats were all wooden benches and there were big overhead lights down the whole isle! 

Doll Dragon loved the trolley!  She smiled the whole time! 

 Little Dragon was a bit nervous about the bumpiness and wanted to stay close.  He finally warmed up a bit and loved how big the window's were.  He could see so much!

 It is not always easy to plan a field trip that is relevant to our current week theme.
This week's theme is hungry and healthy foods. On our way to the Peanut Shoppe we talked about healthy food choices and having special treats in moderation.

The Peanut Shoppe did have just about every nut available in addition to candy.  This was a healthy option (the nuts that weren't dipped in salt and sugar) and we got some of those too.

When we walked in the kids went right to the glass and started pointing out things they wanted.  It seemed very hectic.  The kids all asking to try everything it and asking me to look at this, and that.  There was so much stuff!

The attendants were so nice and helpful.  Plus we got a free bag of peanuts for riding the trolley.

Each Dragon got to pick out a type of candy to taste test. 

The sour hearts won the taste test.  Each Dragon got their own bag. 

After exploring the Peanut Shoppe and its goodies plus the adults picking out our favorite candies and nuts we headed back out to the trolley stop.  We rode the trolley back to the car and headed to lunch. 

I did not get any pictures of lunch.   We went to an Indian Buffet and were able to talk about which options were healthy and which were not.  We talked about the different ingredients do for our bodies and what food group they belonged in.  The buffet was a great place for this because they can see, smell, and taste the different options available and make a good healthy decision on what to put on their plates. 

We had so much fun on this field trip!  It was educational and cost very little.  The things you can explore that are so simple but bring great memories to your children.