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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Photo Booth

The kids and I had such a fun time doing this project together!  

 Valentine Photo Booth

  • Streamers
  • Hearts
  • Streamer Hearts
  • Rose Petals
  • Empty wall space
  • Balloons
  • Chair
  • Nice outfits
  • Cooperative Children
Doll Dragon helped me set up the photo booth the day before our planned shoot.  I informed both of the dragons about the shoot, what it was, what we would be doing, and my expectations from them a few days prior.  I told them we were going to have fun and be goofy together and take pictures of us while playing around.  I think this helped their overall attitudes of the shoot the day off.

I covered a decent part of the wall with the streamers to make sure we had plenty of space.
I used the flower petals and some glitter hearts on the floor to make it a bit more festive.  I also didn't want it to look like we took the pictures at home.  I could have put a red blanket down but I thought it would be too much red and it would have driven me nuts if I had a wrinkled blanket from kids walking on it in my photos.

I used the chair to give the booth a bit more background and levels.  I didn't want the photos to be bland.  It also worked as a great prop.

Doll Dragon had to test out the photo booth once it was done

Then it was time.  The photo booth shoot was here! The dragons got dressed up nice we turned on some fun music and snapped away! 

We did some goofy

Some fun

And some tender moments

Of course we also did solos!

The Dragons had great attitudes and asked to do it again when we were done.  Both of them have enjoyed looking through the finished photos too.  

This booth gave us memories that will last many years! 

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine Bath

I was not planning on making a Valentines bath this year, I haven't done a sensory bath in a while, but Doll Dragon requested that I make one for her and Little Dragon this year.

How could I say no?

Valentine's Bath

I gathered supplies at Target.  Nothing huge just small dollar items. 

I used the soap pens to draw 'tattoos' on the dragons


They each had a mini mailbox to store their items in

Inside the mailbox was their soap pen and little stretchy hearts they could play pretend with. 

They were in the bath for a couple hours but they had a blast together! 

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentines Sugar

Sugar isn't good for just tasting but also touching! 

Sugar Sensory Tray

To make this tray I used regular sugar and some extra pink sprinkles I had on hand to make it bit more fitting for the current season. 

Our main use for this tray was letter practice 

but once we were done with that it was all hands in!

And of course some toys in too!

Little Dragon liked mixing the pink and white to make pretty pictures

He also enjoyed feeling the grains between is fingers

This tray will be out for the week for fun and some learning.  The great thing about sugar trays is they can be used to practice shapes, letters, numbers, and sight words.

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