Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 9 (future)

I am planning for a 5 day lesson plan.  These links only document 4 days.  If I find the time I will try to upload the 5th days lesson. I have them handwritten in my binder right now.

There is an activity book I am using for the lesson plan as well that has handwriting practice in it and a few activity pages that correlate to the theme.  This can be easily substituted for any other handwriting activity or activity book that has A-Z and 1-10 practice in it.

Week 9: 
Letter: Review
Theme: Halloween
Number: Review
Bible story: Review
Bible verse: Review

You can review my daily lesson plans here
Week 9
Week 9 end

In addition to the lesson plans I am creating a week folder to supplement the lessons. These I use for any down time and extra core curriculum practice.

Inside this week folder: 

  • Ziploc with M&M's and toilet paper
  • strip of spider webs 
  • bingo page
  • find the spooks
  • letter review
  • number review
  • letter p pumpkin
  • which is different
  • shape review
  • Jack O' Lantern emotions

Come September I will be posting pictures and sharing how we progressed through the lesson plan. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Week 2
Letter: A
Theme: Alligator
Number: 2
Bible story: Creation pt 2
Bible verse: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." -Joshua 24:15

I hid the letter A and number 2 magnets around the house again.  It took Little Dragon longer to find the magnets this time. 

When boys get together they like to fight and wrestle, probably because they aren't allowed to do this with their sisters.  So for about an hour before we started preschool at 9 am Little Dragon and Thunder Dragon fought bad guys in the living room because they were the 'good spider man who saves the boys and the girls' 

I count this as our gross motor skills, they are pretty active and keeping good form. *shrugs shoulders*

We also played Alligator Tag and Swinging Monkeys.

Day 1 we read creation day 4-God created the sun, moon, and stars. 

Activity: Mobile

Day 2 was our reading of creation day 5-God created the fish in the seas and birds in the sky. 

Activity: Bird Feeder

Day 3 was day 6 of creation-God created animals and man to rule over the animals

Activity: Animal Sorting

Day 4 review all 7 days of creation

Day 5 read creation story

Bible verse activity 

Chomp your big alligator jaws (arms) and say 'a-a-alligator'

Circle Time
Circle time is usually a mix of sitting and movement and it can go in any order that works for the kids.  I have a list of what to do but not in any order.  We use this time for weather, calendar, and themed activities.

I found some small alligator toys for this week at the dollar store and we discovered the alligators while discussing alligator facts. 

We sang The Lady With the Alligator Purse.  The boys loved this song so we sang it many times this week. 

We also sang 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree with the felt board

I put on some Jaws theme music for the boys to swim around like an alligator. We did this a couple this week.  Crawling on bellies and elbows was a bit of challenge for the dragons. Great for gross motor skills.

During our activities we discussed God's part in alligators. It is important to tie in our bible readings to our lessons.  

Work Zone
 This is the area we use for handwriting practice, crafts, and weekly folder work. The Dragons finished their folder work which you can view here.

Both Dragons practiced handwriting and colored alligator pictures

There was also sight word practice

Items, bins, & things we look at, explore, & discover.These are the items available for discovering and learning on the Help Yourself Shelf.  I rotate them each week. 

Inside the prop box: 

  • Alligator hat
  • 2 plastic alligators
  • trees
  • plastic rocks
  • large stuffed alligator puppet

Alphabet rocks and yarn (link)

The Prop Box was the favorite for everyone this week.   
Again they added items from the tray's that made the prop box more intriguing.  I would have never thought to put some of the things together myself.

 Number 2 bad had things that had to do with the number 2 inside.  These bags are fairly new and I haven't spent much time on them so you will notice they may be a bit scarce. 

Our monkey eating alligator friend was great help this week for math practice.

We worked on greater then and less then
The alligator was very hungry so he wanted to eat the pile that had more in it.

The Dragons did a couple pages in their activity books as well for more math practice. 

In The Kitchen

To end our Creation unit we made Play Dough (recipe here).  Play Dough is great for many skills and future activities but it's main purpose is to Create!  

The Dragons spent time creating the play dough and creating different things with it.  Playing can spring many different conversations about God and creation. 

Of course we can't leave out a Sensory Bin! 

We ended our week with another entry in our art journal.

 You can download my free lesson plan for the week and get more info here

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Art Journal #2

Art Journal
I recently found out about art journals and thought it would be a wonderful experience with the kids for preschool.  There are so many possibilities with art journals and it is a nice way to express yourself with another person through art.  This activity can look many different ways for many different people.  Art is open, as is journaling.

We will be adding 1 entry a week to our art journal.  The themes, topics, or prompts may be random or may go along with a theme we are learning about for the week.

Journal Entry #2:Choices

We used make up swatches for this entry.

Before starting we talked about choice.  What it means and why we have it.  God gives us the ability and freedom to choose.

It, of course, got a bit silly when we talked about choices. 

First thing we did was choose our make up swatches. 

I showed the boys how to use the tips of their fingers to rub the makeup

Little Dragon was very intrigued with the makeup transferring onto his finger

Child's prompt:

  • What kind of choices do you have? 
  • What choices do you make? 
  • What if you couldn't make a choice?

They choose poop.  That is what they painted.  We continued talking about choice but the only thing they could think about today was poop.

Adult prompt: 

  • What choices are you facing right now? 
  • If you are surrounded by the stress of choice do you think your kids feel that? 
  • What are the consequences of your choice? 
  • What are you afraid of loosing? 

As always God's timing is perfect!  When I created this lesson plan there wasn't much to choosing which prompt to go with but God knew that I would need this prompt today.  It was a great way for me to visualize some hard decisions I am facing right now.  

I believe I got more out of this journal then the boys did.  They did enjoy the materials.

Alligator Sensory Bin

What is an alligator theme without a sensory bin? 

 My idea was to do a swamp sensory bin and I had to use what I had around the house for this one, no extra time to run to the store this week. 
I thought about using brownie mix but it always dissolves in the water not giving the kids much time to play in it. 

I went with oatmeal.  I would have liked to dye it brown but the kids didn't complain about the color. 

I had The Dragons add the water

I liked using oatmeal because it doesn't dissolve in the water and it smelt really good. :)  

The oatmeal absorbed some of the water making a great swamp texture. 

Even though the water wasn't brown the oatmeal did make it kind of murky.  

Perfect for alligator hiding

The kids kept asking how I snuck milk into the bin because of the color.  Silly kids! I never did tell them my secret.  I went with magic. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Alligator Painting

I loved the idea of this craft as soon as I saw it.  I was looking for coloring pages and found a great picture of an alligator.

I was looking at the picture and noticed the detail for the hard back scales and thought how fun would it be to do a textured painting for alligators?

I found a paint set at Wal-Mart at the beginning of summer for only $10.  Inside were many different paint rollers, shaped sponges, and paint trays.  It was perfect.  The rollers varied in texture too!  Some were smooth others were squared or zig-zag.  I knew the rollers would be perfect for this activity!

The Dragons have also been itching to paint with these materials and were tickled to see the tools we were using for this weeks art. 

It took a couple tries before The Dragons got the hang of rolling the roller in the paint instead of dipping it. 

As the boys painted I set out 1 of our alligator props for a visual of the scales. 

Then we hung the alligators on the art wall

Pom Pom Tray

 Great for fine motor skills practice are the dot pictures from many packets I see online.  There are so many different themes for the dot pictures and there are many different ways to use them.  I have used them a couple different ways and have not found one that The Dragons dislike.

This time we used the Letter A is for Alligator themed dot page with pom poms and clothes pins

The idea was to clamp a pom pom with the clothespin and release on one of the dots

Little Dragon was having some trouble opening the clothes pins

But he kept trying and finally got it open and picked up a pom pom! 
The picture is blurry but you can see his excitement! 

I set two clothespins on the tray just in case someone wanted to help out (like Doll Dragon) 

Together they were able to complete the page feeling achieved! 


As For Me and My House Craft

Bible Verse: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord -Joshua 24:15

I like this verse and have seen it hung in many homes.  I don't have the means to buy a grand piece of art with the verse on it so the study of this verse was the perfect opportunity to create our own art piece!


  • 5 small craft sticks 
  • painting
  • sharpie
  • glue sticks
  • paint utensils (brushes, rollers, sponges) 
  • card stock paper
I knew I wanted the back ground to be a painting, nothing specific, just brush strokes.  I gave the boys materials and said 'Paint!'.  

They didn't need any further encouragement. 

These boys are not entertained for long periods of time with paint.  Soon their papers were covered in colors and they were ready to move on.  

Once the paint dried I gave them each 5 craft sticks and asked them to make a house. 

In the beginning this was a bit of a challenge but they both were able to make a house, upside down.  

With all the pieces in place we glued them onto a spot on the painting. 

I cut around the craft sticks and wrote the verse, as The Dragons recited it to me, inside their houses. 

Finished art piece!